Zombie Defense – Plants War MOD APK 1.6.12 (Unlimited Diamonds)
Zombie Defense – Plants War MOD APK 1.6.12 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Zombie Defense – Plants War MOD APK 1.6.12 (Unlimited Diamonds)

By HN - July 7, 2023 (5 months ago)
Name Zombie Defense - Plants War
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher CSCMobi Studios
Size 65MB
Latest Version 1.6.12
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds
Category Casual
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Price FREE
Update July 7, 2023 (5 months ago )

Zombie Defense – Plants War opens missions against zombies. Designed to play in the style of city defense. The content is played according to the plot of the game. The activity revolves around planting trees to fight the zombies that are entering the house. Through the context of a garden subdivided into plots of land. From there build a diverse plant system to destroy all zombies. Successfully complete tasks and receive attractive rewards. Then move on to new challenges. Deploy tactics to prove your management. Promises to bring fun when participating in the zombie defense game. A series of unique features are provided by the system. Let you freely explore and enjoy the attractive gameplay of publisher CSCMobi Studios.

Download Zombie Defense – Plants War – Plant Plants To Prevent Zombies From Entering the Base

The game’s plot unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world. For unknown reasons, a virus spreads rapidly. With a wide spread that covered the entire human race. Unlucky people infected with the virus are turned into zombies. That led to a global outbreak, sending the world into chaos. But after a period of research, scientists have developed genetically modified plants. With a special ability to attack the zombies to prevent them from continuing to spread the disease. At the same time protect the base of the survivors of the disaster.Zombie Defense - Plants War

The gameplay takes place

You are one of the lucky survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Inherited the technology of scientists on genetically modified plants. Will have to perform the task of protecting the base of the survivors who are hiding. Through a garden located on the route leading to the base. Accordingly, plants will have to be planted on each plot of land in the garden. Deploy strategy and upgrade to own higher level plants. From there attack the zombies entering the base, the goal is to wipe out all bloodthirsty enemies. Complete excellent missions and have a chance to get attractive rewards.Zombie Defense - Plants War

More than 200 levels in 3 chapters

Based on the plot of Zombie Defense – Plants War to perform the mission by chapter. There are all 3 chapters take place with more than 200 different levels. Each chapter opens up defensive battles based on each level. Each level is divided into stages of a zombie attacks. Use the resources you get to sow the seeds to grow the seed from the first level. Target a crowd of zombies in shooting style to kill enemies. Go through each stage in turn until you wipe out the zombies to complete a level. From there win and go to the next level. When you reach a certain level, the system will unlock new chapters. With the change in surroundings and context taking place.Zombie Defense - Plants War

More than 62 types of zombies

From the zombie defense levels in the game Zombie Defense – Plants War. You will have to fight more than 62 different types of zombies. They are scary-shaped zombies. The difference is shown in the equipment carried, size and movement speed. As well as the amount of health and stamina on the way to the base. Not stopping there, when reaching certain levels, you still have to fight zombie bosses. With the ability to outperform ordinary zombies in all stats. Boss is one of the huge challenges facing genetically modified plants. Need to attack continuously to deal damage, reduce health, and drain to kill the boss.

More than 70 species of genetically modified plants

During the mission, it was possible to grow 70 different varieties of genetically modified plants. But they need to use the money to unlock from the first level. Then evolve to higher levels with superior attack ability. Based on the mechanism of merging plants with the same level. From there, it will develop into a new plant of higher level. Combine plants in turn, thereby discovering many genetically modified plants. The difference between them will show in the shape, as well as the ability to attack.Download Zombie Defense - Plants War

Every time come to the next level of Zombie Defense – Plants War. The previous crops that you grow will not be lost. They are kept on the plots of the garden. From there it is possible to continue to evolve to get more plant varieties of higher levels. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the plot of land, because if you want to increase the number of crops, you need to unlock it with gold coins. At the same time, the amount to unlock the next land cells will increase with a larger amount than before.

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