Undestroyed: Roguelike ARPG MOD APK 0.40 (Menu, Unlimited money gems, free shopping)
Undestroyed: Roguelike ARPG MOD APK 0.40 (Menu, Unlimited money gems, free shopping)

Undestroyed: Roguelike ARPG MOD APK 0.40 (Menu, Unlimited money gems, free shopping)

By HN - June 1, 2023 (6 months ago)
Name Undestroyed: Roguelike ARPG
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Dreamplay Games
Size 71MB
Latest Version 0.40
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money gems, free shopping
Category Role Playing
Get It On APK Google Play
Price FREE
Update June 1, 2023 (6 months ago )

Unleash the dark backdrop of the post-apocalyptic world. With an attractive storyline built by Undestroyed: Roguelike ARPG. Promising to open up extremely dramatic battles. This is an adventure role-playing game. Revolving around the war between the explorer robot and the monster robot. The game is designed in 2D in a unique attack style. It takes place in a dark dungeon filled with dangerous challenges. Your goal is to save the world and bring light to humanity. Through the experience, the process will enjoy many features. Different types of weapons to craft, and use in combat. Lots of powerful enemies to face. The mission system is held according to each level of play. With an impressive set of skills and moves to use.

Download Undestroyed: Roguelike ARPG – Dungeon Battle of the Robot Explorer

The plot of Undestroyed: Roguelike ARPG is built in the form of fiction. Under great development, mankind has achieved great technological achievements. Bringing values ​​to help people become superior. But that has had serious consequences. For an unspecified reason. A robot controlled by AI has gone out of control. Quickly create a force to destroy humanity. Making it impossible for the entire human race to survive. Even the hideout was eventually discovered and attacked. Plunge the world into darkness, with ruin and despair. To restore light back, help the world get rid of darkness. It will take a hero to break the dominance of the dark AI forces.Undestroyed- Roguelike ARPG

Gameplay, tasks to perform

Join the game Undestroyed: Roguelike ARPG to become a machine explorer. You will be the hero to represent humanity against the AI ​​forces. Through fierce battles in the dark dungeon. Where light cannot reach, everything is in darkness. Based on the story of the game that was introduced earlier. Content will take place according to each level of play. With a series of different missions, difficult challenges to face. Your goal is to defeat all enemies in each battle. Clear the dark dungeon to wipe out the enemies, and bring back the light. Pass each challenge, in turn, to continue with the new mission. The difficulty will increase with changes in many factors. Not only the rugged terrain but also have to fight against a large number of fearsome enemies.Game Undestroyed- Roguelike ARPG

The process of fighting, and defeating the boss

Combat in the adventure RPG style of Undestroyed: Roguelike ARPG. You can attack freely against the enemy. By using skills to deal damage and destroy. It will then continue to move forward, overcoming complex terrain. Fight AI-driven enemies with modern weapons. Then have to participate in the final match. Here will face the appearance of a giant boss. Possessing strength and ability to surpass minions. With the defense and a large amount of health, can withstand many attacks from you. As well as the greater damage, if you do not dodge quickly, you will lose your life. Perform skills to be able to defeat the boss. Successfully wipe out the dungeon, and from there will win to complete the quest.Tai Undestroyed- Roguelike ARPG

Various weapons

To diversify the fighting style of the explorer robot in Undestroyed: Roguelike ARPG. Various weapons can be used to equip. Through crafting to own your favorite weapon. Typical are dual swords, spears, machine guns,… and many more. As can be seen, the weapon system is divided into two types. Includes ranged and melee weapons. Depending on your play style, use the appropriate witches for greater effectiveness. Along with that, the game also provides a variety of support weapons. For example grenades, protective shields, and drones. Through each activity that takes place in the fighting adventure. When attacked, you can use shields to limit blood loss. Or use a grenade to create an explosion, dealing massive damage.Download Undestroyed- Roguelike ARPG

MOD APK Feature of Undestroyed: Roguelike ARPG

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited gems
  • free shopping

The explorer robot character in Undestroyed: Roguelike ARPG possesses many different skills. Including teleportation, jumping, and some other skills. Besides, after each level up, you will gain strength points of support skills. With many types such as increased damage from punches down, and increased chances in melee. Deals more damage from bullets and critical hits in melee. The ability of each skill is expressed through the % parameters. Based on the character’s current strength, after upgrading, you can choose the right move to improve.

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