Undead Horde MOD APK (Undead Money)
Undead Horde MOD APK (Undead Money)

Undead Horde MOD APK (Undead Money)

By HN - November 29, 2023 (5 hours ago)
Name Undead Horde
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher 10tons Ltd
Size 20MB
Latest Version
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Role Playing
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update November 29, 2023 (5 hours ago )

Experience the role-playing game Undead Horde. With gameplay combined with action elements. Open wars between demons and humans. The mission system is built extremely impressive. Play in the style of each level. Here, you will become a ghost of the spirit world. Aim to attack humanity and invade their territory. Through leading the undead to fight. This game is designed in the direction of violence. Especially recreating a space full of ghosts. With creepy music, and scary images. According to the publisher’s recommendations, not suitable for young children. Because they can haunt and leave bad things. Besides, the control interface is simulated intuitively. Easy to use to perform operations during play.

Download Undead Horde – The Battle Between the Demon Army and Humans

The story of the Undead Horde unfolds in a fantasy world. The content revolves around the war between humans and demons. Transform into a ghost who will regenerate the bodies of the dead. Your mission is to build an army of fearsome undead. Through summoning them with the skill of the ghost. Then lead to engaging in battle with the human race. Command an army to attack them for territory. As well as destroying humanity to rule the entire world. The human force is led by the Paladin king Benefactor. Your aim against other survivors. Defeat the leader of the human race to gain control. From there will complete the plot of the demon world. Control humanity to rule everything.Ear Undead Horde

Missions by battle

The quest system of the Undead Horde takes place according to each journey. Each challenge opens up a requirement to fulfill. For example, rescuing ghosts being held by humans. Attack on human territory and wreak havoc. Or defeat human armies in a fierce battle. There are many other missions that will be unlocked after completion. At the end of a challenge will receive a bonus and experience points. Help the soul will be increased to a new level. Or use bonuses to unlock, and equip more power-up items. Continue the fight in the next mission, which takes place on a new map. With increased difficulty, making you more challenging. Without skills will fail before human forces. That means it takes more time to do the task again.Game Undead Horde

Open gameplay, ghost abilities

The gameplay of Undead Horde is built in an open style. During the quest to fight with humans. Ghosts can move freely, summoning undead. Lead them to attack according to your designation. Here, the ghost possesses outstanding power. Different attack skills will be unlocked when reaching a certain level. Not stopping there, it also possesses impressive abilities. Use the sword in hand with the advantage of a melee attack. Can create large amounts of damage to destroy enemies. To be able to win the wars against humanity. You need to constantly develop the power of the ghost. At the same time, give appropriate strategies for each task. Direct the zombie army to attack for better effect.Undead Horde

Various ghosts

In the battle between demons and humans of the Undead Horde. There are many different ghosts for you to role-play. For example Emperor, Magician, Sword,… and many more. Each ghost has a very scary appearance style. Along with the ability to fight in its own way. Their strength is also shown through the parameters. Including max health, damage that can be done, a number of commanders, and mana. Through the battles to complete the mission. Accumulate bonuses that can be used in trading activities. From there will unlock many different types of ghosts. After successfully recruiting, you can equip more items. Improve combat ability to make ghosts stronger. Can strike out superior to destroy the human force.Download Undead Horde

Similar to other action role-playing games. Undead Horde ‘s control interface is designed to be intuitive. Use the joystick control system to navigate and move the ghost. You just need to touch, hold and swipe in the desired directions. Besides, icons with different skills. They are properly arranged for ease of use. Each skill will be simulated in the form of different moves. After using it, it will take a short time to cool down.

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