Tricky TestMOD APK 1.0.3
Tricky TestMOD APK 1.0.3

Tricky TestMOD APK 1.0.3

By TT - February 1, 2023 (10 months ago)
Name Tricky Test
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Kim Fu Studio
Size 190MB
Latest Version 1.0.3
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Update February 1, 2023 (10 months ago )

Tricky Test is the place to test your puzzle skills. This is a puzzle game with hot visuals and simple gameplay. Your task is to solve the problems surrounding the servant girl. She has a charming body and often has problems with the people around her. To help her, you need to use your wisdom and cunning. If the puzzle is successful, you will receive attractive gifts. The number of puzzles in this game is unlimited. After each puzzle, you will get new puzzles and new situations. How many puzzles can you conquer?

Download Tricky Test – Solve puzzles with the maid

This puzzle game was just released in October 2022. But it quickly attracted hundreds of thousands of gamers thanks to its simple, fun gameplay. Join the game, you play the role of a boss with the task of helping the servant girl. You need to overcome puzzles to conquer her heart. The puzzle context will take place in many different places. Each puzzle is a tricky situation, and you need to analyze it to find the answer. The attraction of the game lies not only in the puzzle but also in the series of hot images.


A diverse collection of puzzles

So far, this game has hundreds of puzzles. In each puzzle, the game brings a certain situation, for example:

  • The maid girl is tied up, what do you need to do to help her?
  • She wants to play rock-paper-scissors, what do you do to win?
  • She is in a cold snowy area, what to do to warm up?
  • She is teaching math, you need to answer the puzzle on the board correctly.
  • She wants to know who ate her cake, what will you do?
  • And many other situations.

In each puzzle, there are many characters involved in the situation. Sometimes, you will meet hot maid girls, boys, thieves, forest people, etc. Each character will have a different style but have a certain meaning. You need to find out their mystery if you want to clarify the problem in each puzzle.


The way to solve the puzzle is not easy

The puzzles in this game seem simple but quite difficult. You need to use your intellect to analyze countless confusing situations. Besides, the puzzle system here is quite diverse in genre. Sometimes, you will encounter puzzles of finding objects, choosing answers, or building puzzles. For the find the object puzzle, you need to show your observance. For the answer choice puzzle, you need to choose exactly 1 of 2 available items.

The system of objects in the Tricky Test is very diverse. But each item has some meaning in different situations. Your job is to think about its effects in the right circumstances. If you choose the wrong item, you have to play the puzzle again from the beginning. If you win continuously, the bonus will be more. If you get stuck during the puzzle, use Hint. To watch Hint, you need to watch a small ad for about 30 seconds.


Meet loads of funny characters

The character system in other games is diverse. Each character will play a separate role in each puzzle. The main character that appears the most is the super charming servant girl. She has several other friends who are equally beautiful and sexy. In addition, you can also meet other characters such as waiters, painters, sculptors, assassins, and animals,… Explore the mysteries of each character to find the solution to the puzzle.

Diverse contexts

Each puzzle in Tricky Test takes you to a whole new place. It can be girls’ houses, bathrooms, toilets, streets, fields, etc. Along with the variety of puzzle genres, this game offers endless freshness. The change from context to characters, puzzle types, and more makes the game not boring at all.


Beautiful and charming 2D images

Besides interesting puzzles, this game will delight you with captivating 2D images. The characters are designed in quite a detail from appearance to facial expressions and bodybuilding. Moreover, they are all cartoon-style, both friendly and funny. The game context is also filled with colorful colors, creating a comfortable feeling every time you play. The music is pulsating and vibrant, adding to the puzzle inspiration.

Don’t miss Tricky Test if you want to try your puzzle skills. This game will delight you with hundreds of puzzles available. Each puzzle is a situation where you need to analyze, search, and reason, … Are you ready to prove your talent? Let’s help the hot girls solve all the troubles. Your reward is their super hot pictures and more puzzles unlocked for free.

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