They Are Coming MOD APK 1.6.0 (Menu, Money, Ammo, Damage, No Recoil, HP)
They Are Coming MOD APK 1.6.0 (Menu, Money, Ammo, Damage, No Recoil, HP)

They Are Coming MOD APK 1.6.0 (Menu, Money, Ammo, Damage, No Recoil, HP)

By HN - December 7, 2022 (12 months ago)
Name They Are Coming
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher OnHit Developments
Size 30MB
Latest Version 1.6.0
MOD Features Menu, Money, Ammo, Damage, No Recoil, HP
Category Action
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update December 7, 2022 (12 months ago )

The battle between the blue and red side dummies takes place in the They Are Coming. Promises to recreate the most memorable moments. This is a game built in the style of arcade entertainment. Open up exciting matches, with fun gameplay. More specifically, the battle is held in the form of a back attack. Instead of moving forward to destroy the enemy. Your mission is to lead the army to move back to the base location. Then attack with full force to destroy. Based on the features provided by the publisher OnHit Developments. From a diverse weapon system, including many different guns to unlock. Until the attractive reward to use the upgrade. Besides, the graphics and sound are simulated impressively. With hidden control mechanism to easily perform operations.

Download They Are Coming – Increase The Number Of Troops To Fight The Enemy Forces

The gameplay of They Are Coming revolves around the attack of the red faction. With a large number of enemies will have to face. Your mission is to lead the army of green dummies to stop them. The mission system is divided into many different levels. In ascending order with increasing difficulty. You need to destroy all red faction forces to complete a level. By constantly increasing the number of troops during backward movement. From there can fire bullets to attack fiercely. After each level is completed, you will receive a bonus. The amount of money will depend on the choice you make when pressing the multiplier bar. Or watch promotional videos for free to double your money. Continue to engage in new levels. There will be difficult challenges to face. Fight a larger number of enemies than before.Tai They Are Coming

Using calculations

In the process of moving backward to fight the red army force. They Are Coming uses mathematical calculations as a method of increasing numbers. The two basic operations are multiplication and addition. To be able to increase the number of your army. It is necessary to observe two calculations, which combine to keep track of the number of green pieces. From there quickly calculate to choose the best calculation. Sometimes multiplication cannot equal addition in the game. Because it also depends on the number of troops you are leading. For example, owning a green dummy army of 10 people. The multiplication of doubles cannot be equal to the addition of 15. Therefore, agile calculation skills are required. Give the choice of calculations to increase the force as much as possible. Then it will be easy to destroy the enemy to win.Game They Are Coming

Obstacles, skills

In addition to using calculations to increase your army count in They Are Coming. It is necessary to avoid dangerous obstacles and deadly traps. They appear scattered on the way to moving backward. For example, saws rotate automatically horizontally. Sharp spikes are placed vertically and horizontally on the road. Molten lava, giant thorn ball,… much more. Each trap has its own way of working. As well as the need to do many different activities to be able to pass. However, it needs to be combined with observational skills. Agility leads the force to dodge to avoid being reduced in number. But in some situations it is imperative. With the arrangement of dense obstacles. You need to find a way to limit the number of troops that lost their lives as little as possible.Download They Are Coming

Facing many enemies

The army of red dummies is the enemy to face in They Are Coming. Here, you will have to fight many different enemies. The difference between them is shown in size and equipment. Covers common force with small size. The force is huge in size and is equipped with armor and shields. Moreover, in some battles, they even sent military vehicles. The greater the enemy’s ability, the higher the stamina. Can withstand a lot of fire from your army. At the same time, the movement speed of each type of enemy is also different. Larger names, or vehicles, will move faster. To be able to stop them by firing attack bullets. It is necessary to go through calculations to increase large numbers.They Are Coming

Bonuses received after winning the battles of They Are Coming. You can accumulate to use the transaction. Upgrade your army and unlock new forces. Increase attack ability for better effect. Not stopping there, complete each level in turn. From there will accumulate percentage points to unlock new weapons. They will then appear randomly during battle. There are many types of guns for you to own. Typically, rocket guns, laser guns, normal guns, etc. The ability of each gun is shown by the amount of damage generated.

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