The Killbox: Arena Combat Asia MOD APK 1.1.7 (Self-Fire, See Enemy Arrow, Quick Shot x2, Recoil Reduction)
The Killbox: Arena Combat Asia MOD APK 1.1.7 (Self-Fire, See Enemy Arrow, Quick Shot x2, Recoil Reduction)

The Killbox: Arena Combat Asia MOD APK 1.1.7 (Self-Fire, See Enemy Arrow, Quick Shot x2, Recoil Reduction)

By HN - December 7, 2022 (12 months ago)
Name The Killbox: Arena Combat Asia
Requires Android 4.1
Size 713MB
Latest Version 1.1.7
MOD Features Self-Fire, See Enemy Arrow, Quick Shot x2, Recoil Reduction
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update December 7, 2022 (12 months ago )

On the market on current action game themes. A shooting game is one of the content that brings an engaging experience. By opening up intense battles and drama in the gameplay. Here, when participating in the game The Killbox: Arena Combat Asia. You will become a gunman to compete with opponents. With a combination of online and offline play. Offers a lot of different game modes to explore. Along with that are interesting features for everyone to enjoy. From diverse weapon systems to unique attacks. Until the unique defense and support equipment system. Moreover, the graphics are realistic, recreating the vivid 3D environment. Combined with optimized VR effects, one can observe 360 ​​degrees.

Download The Killbox: Arena Combat Asia – Online Shooting War Between Gunners

Get ready for the battles in The Killbox: Arena Combat Asia. As a gunman to join the mission. You will accompany other players. Join them in a 6vs6-style battle. Compete against opposing forces in real-time gameplay. Each fight takes place within the time limit allowed. Along with the condition of the number of kills between the two factions. Whichever side kills more enemies, reaches the required kill points first. From there will win a chance to receive attractive rewards. Then continue to enter the battle to perform new missions. Get a chance to meet other players online. Or form a party with friends to fight enemy forces on the opposing side.The Killbox- Arena Combat Asia

Gameplay, coordination, and skills

Based on the online competitive gameplay of The Killbox: Arena Combat Asia. Matches with the participation of players from many places. They have their own unique attack style. As well as having specific strategies against your squad. To win convincingly against the enemy side. There needs to be coordination between you and your team members. Deploy smart strategies to support each other. Attack and defend in accordance with the situation at hand. At the same time, it also requires personal skills. Because to defeat the enemy will need the experience of each gunman. Only then can we support and fight together to be more effective. For example, observing the surrounding environment, and reacting quickly to handle dangerous situations. At the same time, shoot accurately to make enemies lose their lives.Download The Killbox- Arena Combat Asia

Other game modes

In addition to the 6vs6 shooting war in The Killbox: Arena Combat Asia. There are many other game modes for you to participate in. Includes ranked mode, story mode, and cooperative mode. Each mode opens up matches in its own style. At the same time, a game mode will have many different battle choices. Along with that are the rules given, and the conditions to be fulfilled. For example, comes the story mode for level-by-level combat. Overcome each challenge to complete the mission. From there will receive a reward corresponding to the achievement. The difficulty of the game will gradually increase each time a new level is started. Or ranked mode with fierce competition among online shooters. Be the last to survive to win. There will be a chance to rise up the achievement leaderboard.Game The Killbox- Arena Combat Asia

Use a variety of weapons

Play as a gunman to carry out missions on the battlefield of The Killbox: Arena Combat Asia. You can attack in many different styles. The informed weapon system is equipped, with a lot of unique guns. Examples are the AWP-camo sniper rifle, the ump45-camo rifle, and the golden mg3 golden gun. There are many other guns to use for ranged attacks. Or some support weapons like daggers, which can kill enemies in silence. Or bombs, and grenades with the advantage of causing wide area damage. Through exploding in a wide range. Depending on your play style, you can use the money to buy and choose your favorite weapon. But it should be noted, that the gun system cannot be upgraded. Because the developer wants the competition to be fair.Tai The Killbox- Arena Combat Asia

Enhancing the character’s combat ability is also very important. Besides the guns provided by The Killbox: Arena Combat Asia. There are also many different defensive types of equipment to explore. They are divided into many types such as armor, gloves, and helmets. When used to equip, it will help the character change its appearance. As well as increasing stats, including the ability to defend against enemies. Shown through endurance when being hit by an attack. Moreover, each type of equipment will cost a different amount. Through winning matches. Or complete quests to receive gold coins and experience. From there will unlock more superior equipment.

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