The Island Castaway MOD APK 1.7.700 (Free Shopping)
The Island Castaway MOD APK 1.7.700 (Free Shopping)

The Island Castaway MOD APK 1.7.700 (Free Shopping)

By HN - April 14, 2023 (8 months ago)
Name The Island Castaway
Requires Android 4.2
Publisher G5 Entertainment
Size 455MB
Latest Version 1.7.700
MOD Features Free Shopping
Category Action
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update April 14, 2023 (8 months ago )

If you get lost on an island, can you survive? Test your survival skills in The Island Castaway. The content takes place according to an interesting story after the shipwreck. Being a lucky survivor after an incident at sea. You drift on a mysterious island in the ocean. This place has the life of sea creatures, as well as the existence of a tribe. Isolated from the outside world, you don’t know how to leave. The only way to survive is to adapt to life on the island. Accordingly, it will have to perform a lot of different jobs. Bring civilization to the people of the tribe. Help them have a better life and prevent chaos from conflicts.

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Follow the story of the game to start an action-adventure on the island. Accordingly, you will have to perform thousands of different tasks to be able to survive. Collect valuable resources in areas, and search for food to sustain life. Picking fruits from trees, hunting animals in the forest. Build farms in empty locations to serve multiple purposes. Learn about the unknown mysteries of the island. Face the dangers and harsh environmental conditions. Attack the animals and catch the sea creatures. There are many other missions to be discovered when participating. Each task will be given specific conditions by the system. You need to perform to be able to complete.The Island Castaway

Collect 40 kinds of resources

Through island survival adventure. You will have the opportunity to collect 40 different types of resources. For example, fruits are picked on large trees. Meats of various animals and sea creatures. Or building materials such as wood, and stone to create works. Moreover, it is possible to collect materials to make weapons. From there will help you increase the ability to attack in the hunt. As well as protect yourself from wild animals. There are many other resources that will be thoroughly explored in the process of survival. Accordingly, you need to collect and accumulate, from which to use for different purposes.Game The Island Castaway

Build 11 farms

To create a better life for the people of the tribe living on the island of The Island Castaway. 11 different farm buildings can be built. Including eel farm, wild boar farm, fish farm, ram farm, and wood workshop. These are some of the farms mentioned, with many more to be built upon joining. Each farm will be used for many purposes. For example, a crab farm is built to trap mammals. Quail farm is used to raise poultry species. Or the vines camp has the ability to provide the materials to build shelters. However, to be able to build a farm will need the corresponding materials and resources.Tai The Island Castaway

Cooking 28 dishes

Over time survival takes place on the island. Through your activities to do things. Then it will consume energy, making health decline. To be able to continue to survive will have to eat. The food sources earned can be processed into many dishes. There are 28 local dishes to enjoy. Examples include grilled chicken, marinated fish, coconut water and more. Each dish is made from many spices with different recipes.

Crafting 5 magic potions

During the adventure on the island, you also have another very important task. It was to make magic potions with its own special abilities. Accordingly, there are 5 magic potions including speed, spirit protection, self-protection, teleportation, and immortality. The difference between each drug is shown by color. To be able to craft will need a lot of rare materials. It also takes a long time to complete. But the effect they bring is great when used.Download The Island Castaway

In The Island Castaway the goal of leaving the island and returning home has never been extinguished. Through the survival adventure to be able to find a way back to the homeland. Accordingly, you will have to complete different challenges. Decode the strange signs displayed on the ground, and collect ancient statues. Kill the animals that live on the coast and in the forest. Simultaneously uncover hidden mysteries. As well as broadcasting an SOS signal so that it can be seen by others. From there will be the opportunity to leave the island.

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