The Hidden Treasures MOD APK 1.27.2402 (Unlimited Gems)
The Hidden Treasures MOD APK 1.27.2402 (Unlimited Gems)

The Hidden Treasures MOD APK 1.27.2402 (Unlimited Gems)

By HN - March 11, 2023 (9 months ago)
Name The Hidden Treasures
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher G5 Entertainment
Size 132MB
Latest Version 1.27.2402
MOD Features Unlimited Gems
Category Adventure
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update March 11, 2023 (9 months ago )

Follow the plot of The Hidden Treasures game to open an exciting adventure. Set in the Caribbean to recreate the journey. The content of the game revolves around the brave captain Aimee, along with his pet and the crew. They are uncovering the mysteries on the islands in the sea. Through hidden object gameplay and match-3 puzzles to complete quests. From there, there is the opportunity to collect resources and huge treasures. A series of challenges are waiting ahead to test your ability. Join Captain Aimee to solve difficult secrets. Moreover, you will enjoy vivid 3D graphics. Many different locations on the Caribbean Sea recreated the beautiful landscape.

Download The Hidden Treasures – Accompany Aimee on Adventures in the Caribbean

The story revolves around female captain Aimee, the bird Virgil, and the crew. They sailed the boat out on a voyage to the islands of the Caribbean. Their goal is to find treasure and collect valuable items that are hidden. Even more important is finding out the truth about what happened to Aimee’s parents. Through the map piece left by her mother, she will have to uncover the hidden mysteries of the island. Through activities of finding hidden objects. As well as match-3 puzzles to do the quest. From there gather information to find out the truth. Accomplish your ultimate goal on an adventurous ride in the Caribbean.Tai The Hidden Treasures

Hundreds of levels to play

Accompany female captain Aimee on an adventure in the Caribbean. With hundreds of exciting puzzle levels waiting ahead. At each level opens a specific task, giving conditions that must be completed. Accordingly, you will solve puzzles based on match-3 gameplay. Or look for hidden objects to decipher. Over time, after completing the task, you will receive attractive rewards. With many valuable resources for you to use in different activities. Including gold coins to accumulate and experience to be able to reach higher levels. Even if you are lucky, you can also receive diamonds to use in high-end transactions.The Hidden Treasures

Increasing difficulty

After completing a mission and receiving rewards in the game The Hidden Treasures. Will continue to come to new levels to uncover unknown mysteries. But it should be noted that the difficulty of the next level will increase. With the change in the given conditions, as well as in the implementation process. This offers challenges to test your puzzle skills and thinking abilities. Is it possible to search for hidden objects in multiple locations? Or is it possible to collect the required items with a limited number of match-3 puzzles? In parallel with the increased difficulty, the reward received is also more than before.Download The Hidden Treasures

Find hidden objects

Follow the gameplay of finding hidden objects, through a vivid picture that simulates an area on the island. Different types of objects and items are designated by the system, represented by letters or symbols. You will have to look for them in the picture. The search process will take place in real time, up to 3 minutes countdown. You need to collect all the hidden objects before time runs out. From there, you can complete the quest to continue the adventure.

During the mission, it is possible to use a support item, which is a magnifying glass. When used will help you find an object hidden in the picture. But it should be noted, the magnifying glass will have a limited number. Should only be used when necessary, because later challenges will be more and more difficult. In some situations it will take a magnifying glass to decode.Game The Hidden Treasures

Match-3 puzzle

Go to puzzle levels in The Hidden Treasures game. Similar to other match-3 puzzle games. You will have to collect the specified number of items in a limited number of turns. Here will solve puzzles through items including red diamonds, potions, bottles, and starfish. Based on the gameplay with a minimum of 3 or more identical items. From there collect the specified items to have enough quantity.

The process can take place using assistive tools. Help you to solve difficulties that cannot be done on your own. Examples include tornadoes, hooks, cannons, boots, and wooden crates. Each support device will bring a unique ability, creating a special power to be able to solve puzzles. Help you complete the mission when it is difficult or turn the situation when the mission is about to fail.

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