StrikeBox MOD APK 2.2.99 (Menu, OneHit, God Mode, Unlimited Money, Free Shopping, Unlock All)
StrikeBox MOD APK 2.2.99 (Menu, OneHit, God Mode, Unlimited Money, Free Shopping, Unlock All)

StrikeBox MOD APK 2.2.99 (Menu, OneHit, God Mode, Unlimited Money, Free Shopping, Unlock All)

By HN - June 25, 2023 (6 months ago)
Name StrikeBox
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher ChaloApps
Size 99MB
Latest Version 2.2.99
MOD Features Menu, OneHit, God Mode, Unlimited Money, Free Shopping, Unlock All
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update June 25, 2023 (6 months ago )

Enter the vast simulation world in the game StrikeBox. Role-play as a gunman to perform combat missions. Compete with other opponents in a battle of up to 10 people. Accordingly, you will have to show your skills to survive the fierce battles. Use equipped weapons to attack enemies. Aim to shoot down multiple enemies to increase kills, and win with excellent achievement points. From there, prove your skills to other players as a professional shooter. This game is played in online multiplayer mode. Follow the sandbox action mechanism in a huge world. Have the freedom to deploy your own style of attack.

Download StrikeBox – Competitive Shooting in the Sandbox Free World

According to the action shooting gameplay, you will go through the first-person perspective to perform combat missions. Use equipped guns, combined with support equipment to join the fray. No alliances were formed, nor were there any supporting teammates. Each gunman is a faction and fights competitively with the rest. The battle is played in real-time, limited to 4 minutes countdown. During that time, the gunmen will not stop attacking to destroy the enemy. From there, increase your kill points to have a chance to prove your skills. After the countdown reaches 0, the match ends. At that time, you will receive a bonus with the amount corresponding to the rank.StrikeBox- Sandbox&Shooter MOD

Lots of activities going on

The shooting war will be taking place in a vast sandbox world. According to the open gameplay can freely move on the battlefield. As well as performing offensive actions according to your own strategy. That process will have a lot of activities going on. Besides the gunmen were armed to fight back. Also face attacks from helicopters in the air. Or run away from the chase from armored tanks with great destructive power. At the same time, it is also possible to parachute, combine with attack bullets from the air to the ground. There are many other activities that will take place during the battle.Tai StrikeBox- Sandbox&Shooter MOD


The process of fighting at StrikeBox to compete with opponents. Being shot many times causes the amount of health to decrease and drain. The battle is not over yet, because of the real-time gameplay. So you will be revived back to the battlefield after a short time. From there, you can continue to fight with the amount of health restored. However, each loss of life will affect your results. Because losing a life will increase the opponent’s kill point. At the same time shortening the battle time, creating conditions for the opponent to achieve better results. Makes it hard for you to get an excellent win with the lead after the end of time.Download StrikeBox- Sandbox&Shooter MOD

There are different types of guns

As a shooting game, so there will be many different types on offer. Helping you to choose to use, suitable for individual play. Examples include rifles, bazookas, shotguns, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, and many more. Each type of gun will be used to attack in its own way. Typically pistols with the advantage of mobility, can be used to attack in close combat situations. The opposite is a sniper rifle, with the advantage of accuracy and great damage. Can attack from a long distance, and even shoot down enemies with just one bullet if hit in the head. Or grenade launchers have the advantage of limited range. But it has great destructive power and causes extensive damage.

Use the means

Besides the diverse weapon system with many unique guns. There are also many different vehicles used in the war. Examples include tanks, helicopters, and motorcycles. Each vehicle is designed differently. Also used for specific purposes. Not only do they give faster movement speed. It also acts as a solid defensive armor. At the same time can be used in battles in many situations. For example, tanks move on the ground to attack with great destructive power. Or helicopters can fly through the sky and shoot down bullets below.Game StrikeBox- Sandbox&Shooter MOD

MOD APK Feature of trikeBox

  • MOD Menu
  • OneHit
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlock All

During the fight at StrikeBox. It takes your skills to survive and destroy many enemies. Accordingly, you must take advantage of the terrain to hide. For example walls or any other object. Combined with accurate shooting skills to shoot down targets quickly. Besides, you can use grenades to throw at the enemy. Thereby creating an explosion in a wide range, causing severe damage. Simultaneously combined with the ability to lift and move any object for better efficiency.

How to Download & Install StrikeBox MOD APK 2.2.99 for Android Latest Version 2023

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