Steel And Flesh MOD APK 2.2 (Unlimited Money)
Steel And Flesh MOD APK 2.2 (Unlimited Money)

Steel And Flesh MOD APK 2.2 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - December 2, 2023 (1 day ago)
Name Steel And Flesh
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher VirtualStudio
Size 228MB
Latest Version 2.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Casual
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Price FREE
Update December 2, 2023 (1 day ago )

Steel And Flesh is an action game combining strategy elements set in a medieval setting. You will find yourself lost in large lands where 12 clans are fighting for territory and domination. You will become a part of that war. You will lead your clan against other clans or ally with them. Your mission is to bring the most powerful armies to capture cities and villages and make them your thing. A large world map that can be divided by your influence. But will you have all the land in the world in your hand? Show your action skills and leadership like a true general.

Download Steel And Flesh – Action and strategy battles

The game takes you into the medieval period to discover for yourself the exploits of 12 clans, including the Roman Empire, Vikings, England, France, Pirates, Ottomans, and more. It was a turbulent time with endless battles for territory and power. You are here for the same purpose. The game recreates large-scale wars where you can join and lead them. Your opponents are other clans and any hostile forces. The game will take you on level-based action-packed missions. In each mission, you will encounter separate opponents in certain locations. Besides, the form of war is also very diverse, including battles on land and at sea.


Take part in the large-scale war

You can start the game as you want, a normal bandit in the Pirate gang or a member of any clan. Depending on the clan you choose, you will have a separate direction. If you are a pirate, you will depart from the sea, go inland and capture villages to earn loot. Meanwhile, if you belong to large clans, you will participate in large-scale battles with strong opponents. And you always have the opportunity to become the general or king of your clan. But you will rise from a warrior, using your strength and strategy to win the trust of your clan. Until you become the leader, you take control of the entire clan.

In terms of gameplay, this game combines two elements of action and strategy. That is to say, the game both allows you to control soldiers like generals and allows you to fight like a real warrior on the battlefield. You just use virtual buttons like a joystick, hit, run, shield, and more on the screen to activate. You have the freedom to move and fight in the first or third person. Besides, you need to arrange and recruit different units in the army and weapon system to enter the battlefield. Your targets are great strongholds, rich villages, potential seas, and ruled territories.


System of soldiers and weapons

To make a trophy in Steel And Flesh, you cannot fight alone. Most of the wars take place on a large scale with an important nature, requiring your proper preparation. So you need to explore and gather different units of soldiers. Those are common classes like archers, cavalry, infantry, spearmen, pirates, and more. Each type of soldier has different characteristics and can be upgraded over time. But to recruit them to the battlefield, you need to use resources. Moreover, learn how to combine groups of troops together to create a powerful army before going to war.

Besides soldiers, you cannot fight without weapons. There are dozens of classic weapons from swords, knives, and spears to cannon chariots, horses, warships, and more. You will need them to make victories. Boats are indispensable in the war of pirates. Spears, swords, and horses were essential for land battles. And the artillery car is a powerful weapon, used to destroy the enemy’s strongholds and bases. Take advantage of everything that comes your way to the advantage in every fight.


Realistic and sharp 3D graphics

This game is appreciated for its realistic 3D graphics. It depicts large-scale battlefields with high definition, thereby highlighting the vast and varied medieval world. Besides, soldiers, weapons, vehicles, and many other details are also described in detail and equally realistic. The battlefield scene is very diverse, including deserts, steppes, seas, and large strongholds. The combat effects and heroic background music also contribute to the attractive battles.

Steel And Flesh will make you fall in love with its gameplay. This is a place where you can directly participate in the battlefield while being able to control your troops like a true leader. Show your fighting skills and commanding talents in every battle. In the medieval world, there was no place for the weak. Will you be the ruler or the common villagers captured, who will you be?

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