Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK 1.59.11 (Menu, Unlimited money fuel, unlocked all)
Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK 1.59.11 (Menu, Unlimited money fuel, unlocked all)

Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK 1.59.11 (Menu, Unlimited money fuel, unlocked all)

By HN - May 31, 2023 (6 months ago)
Name Spaceflight Simulator
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Stefo Mai Morojna
Size 47MB
Latest Version 1.59.11
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money fuel, unlocked all
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Update May 31, 2023 (6 months ago )

Do you want to try once to set foot in space? Discover how those planets are different from Earth. Spaceflight Simulator will help you fly away from the earth, discover interesting things. In fact, it takes a lot of money to go into space. Only a few people in the world can experience this premium service. There are many curious people who dream of setting foot on it once. Not only does it cost a lot of money. You need to have a doctorate, engineer, scientist, etc… All kinds of documents to be able to depart. Instead of wasting time, effort, and money, you can only experience it once. Then I choose Spaceflight Simulator to satisfy my passion. This gameplay will take people flying into the vast, vast universe. Helping you achieve dreams that in reality are not possible. No cost, no license required. Just have a dream,

Download Spaceflight Simulator – Transform into astronauts flying into space

If action, role-playing, boxing, killing, etc. games make you feel depressed because you play too much. Not helping you relax and entertain, but on the contrary, it also causes more pressure and stress for you. If you are in such a situation, then put all other games aside. Join the Spaceflight Simulator. I am sure this gameplay will bring you many new and wonderful experiences. Launch the rocket, you and other crews fly out of the earth, explore new planets. The special thing is that you can create your own rocket. Then you will fly it out of the earth, into the air. Explore the planets near the earth such as Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, the moon, etc….. Any planet you love can be reached. But the important thing is that you need a quality rocket. Make sure nothing goes wrong on the fly.

Spaceflight Simulator mod apk

Build your own ship

When entering the game the first thing you need to do is build yourself a spaceship. All the parts of your ship need meticulous design, precise details. Avoid unexpected crashes on the fly. Command ule, locomotive, hull, jet engine, storage compartment, etc… These parts you are free to build and design as you like. Then connect it all together to form a complete ship. There are many ways to make and assemble parts. This gives players the freedom to create, design ships to create their own uniqueness. However, when there are too many components on a ship, the weight increases. Your ship will not fly far, consuming a lot of fuel when operating. So consider everything, parameters, conditions, risks, etc…. when crafting.

Spaceflight Simulator game mod

Explore the planets

You can know the planets close to the earth such as Sun, moon, Mars, Jupiter, etc. There are many mysteries here. But we can only see simulation through videos, photos, books. But when you come to Idle Courier Tycoon, you will discover these interesting things for yourself. Gameplay breaks the laws of physics in reality. Your ship can fly close to the sun, approaching without melting. This is in fact completely absurd. But in this gameplay, the ship is not affected by solar radiation. And no one can discover whether there is anything on the sun planet, there is life or not?. It’s great to have a game that simulates the perspective on this planet for you to explore.

Game Spaceflight Simulator mod hack


On this journey, your ship may encounter some unexpected problems. For example, the combustion chamber is out of fuel or the engine is too hot, etc. When you encounter these errors, you can completely fix them yourself. Although not dangerous, if you do not fix it in time. Your ship will crash. At a height of tens of thousands of meters that fell to the ground. The ship, no matter how solidly designed, will fall to pieces. Astronauts are also difficult to keep alive. So always check the specifications before setting off. Carry spare fuel in the storage compartment. The engine will certainly not be able to avoid overheating. Find out some ways to cool down the engine on Hieu Le’s youtube channel.

Spaceflight Simulator mod apk

MOD APK Feature of Spaceflight Simulator

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited fuel
  • unlocked all

Spaceflight Simulator has many different planets for you to explore. This is the place for you to fulfill your dreams and passions of flying into space. Moreover, you also learn the structure of spaceships. Build your own spacecraft, drive it away from the earth to fly to other planets. Indispensable on this journey is teammates. Invite your friends to play games, become an astronaut to discover mysteries. Download Spaceflight Simulator to conquer all challenges in space.

How to Download & Install Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK 1.59.11 for Android Latest Version 2023

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