Smash Kingdom MOD APK 1.7.3 (Unlimited Money)
Smash Kingdom MOD APK 1.7.3 (Unlimited Money)

Smash Kingdom MOD APK 1.7.3 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - June 8, 2023 (6 months ago)
Name Smash Kingdom: Slingshot Acti
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher PlayHard.Lab
Size 90MB
Latest Version 1.7.3
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Update June 8, 2023 (6 months ago )

Smash Kingdom is a tower defense-style strategy game. But instead, build towers to prevent attacks from enemies. Here you will rely on the physics of shooting billiards with a rubber leaf. From there, recruit units to attack enemies on the battlefield to destroy the portal through which they move. Based on that will have to perform a lot of different tasks. Build a strategy with the participation of units of soldiers with their own special abilities. Show skills in rubber leaf shooting to choose the right attack point. Also, collect rare artifacts to use to improve strategy. From there, you can overcome challenges in many matches to protect the stronghold.

Download Smash Kingdom – Command Units to Defend the Fort against Monsters

Come adventure in the fantasy world of the developer PlayHard.Lab. Set in a kingdom called Smash. This place is being invaded by an army of monsters. They passed through the portal of the vortex of space to move. The goal is to get past the last stronghold of the kingdom to enter. From there execute the plot to dominate and destroy everything. In that situation, the knights of the kingdom were not present. Now you will have to replace them to become a commander. The task of leading the soldiers to defend the city, preventing invasions from the enemy. Defeat them and destroy the gate so that you can protect the kingdom from destruction.Smash Kingdom

How to play slingshot according to billiard physics mechanism

Follow the story of the game to perform the task of defending the castle. Follow real-time gameplay with billiard-type physical slingshot mechanics. The course of a defensive battle in the arena. Two slingshots were placed on the castle, opposite the monster’s space gate. Accordingly, you will have to command the attacking units, they will rely on the sling to reach the enemy’s gate. Through the adjustment of the angle of the slingshot, thereby shooting units of soldiers into the battlefield. Then, impacting the city gate will cause significant damage. At the same time, there will be physical movements based on the billiard mechanism to continue fighting. Or you can attack monsters directly to send them away. From there, prevent the enemy from approaching the stronghold.Game Smash Kingdom

Missions in each stage of the level

The defense mission system of Smash Kingdom takes place at each level. Each level is divided into several different stages. Each stage unleashes a real-time castle defense war, up to 2 minutes countdown. Through it command attack units to prevent monsters from coming. By firing slingshots to send soldiers to the battlefield. From there, defeat each enemy approaching the city gate in turn. Aim to destroy their dimensional portal to win. From there, complete the task to receive attractive rewards. At the same time pass each stage in turn, when qualified will come to the next level.Tai Smash Kingdom

Evaluate achievements by the number of stars

Achievements in each castle defense battle will be shown by the number of stars. To be able to successfully complete a mission with the maximum number of stars. That will have to be based on the remaining health of the stronghold. From the monster’s attacks, the amount of health will gradually decrease. If it drops to a certain level, one star will be lost. On the contrary, successfully defend the stronghold and do not run out of health until the monster gate is destroyed. Then will end the battle and reach the maximum number of stars. Through that will receive the corresponding gold trophy.

Various units

There are different units for you to command in your castle defense missions. Examples include units of archers, knights, bombers, warriors, artillerymen and many more. Each unit is shaped in its own style. Expressed through appearance, appearance and clothing. The difference between them is also reflected in weapons with unique attack capabilities. For example archers shoot arrows to deal damage from a distance. Similar to objects, bomber units will throw bombs to cause explosions. Or warriors with superior melee attacks. It is even possible to directly fire the cannon to create a large explosion.Download Smash Kingdom

In addition to the battles against monsters in Smash Kingdom. It is also possible to come to PvP mode to participate in online matches. Instead of defending the castle against attacks from monsters. Here you will have to stop the soldiers fired by slingshots from the opponent. Accordingly, the two sides will rely on billiard physics to command the attacking units in the fight. The goal is to destroy the opponent’s stronghold to be able to win.

How to Download & Install Smash Kingdom: Slingshot Acti MOD APK 1.7.3 for Android Latest Version 2023

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