Ship Sim 2019 MOD APK 2.2.3 (Unlimited Money)
Ship Sim 2019 MOD APK 2.2.3 (Unlimited Money)

Ship Sim 2019 MOD APK 2.2.3 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - November 29, 2023 (5 hours ago)
Name Ship Sim 2019
Requires Android 4.2
Publisher Ovidiu Pop
Size 38MB
Latest Version 2.2.3
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update November 29, 2023 (5 hours ago )

Ship Sim 2019 is a realistic ship driving simulation game exclusively for mobile platforms. The game will help you fully enjoy the feeling of being a captain on large ships, including oil tankers, cargo ships, or tourists. Get ready to get acquainted with the train steering wheel and an intuitive control interface. The vast ocean and great seaports are waiting for you to explore. Discover unique classes of ships with a wide selection and enjoy them in your waters. You can monetize your rides to unlock ships and lots of new content. Enjoy a realistic day/night train driving experience. Train engine sounds and a realistic environment will lift your spirits every time.

Download Ship Sim 2019 – Drive a big boat around the Mediterranean waters

Have you ever thought of becoming a captain of a large ship? Ship Sim 2019 will help you to do that now. You can master boats up to 400 meters and take on many different tasks. From transporting goods, and carrying oil to pleasing tourists at sea. Learn to control the ship before going out to sea and having long journeys. It’s not too difficult to learn, but of course, you will have a hard time at first. Once you’ve mastered it, long trips are no longer a concern. You can comfortably enjoy the best moments at sea, then anchor and relax for new voyages. Are you ready for that? The Mediterranean Sea with many interesting things is waiting for you.


Mastering large ships

This game has everything you need for a train driving simulator. Best of all, it is 3 simulator games in one, including:

Cargo Ship Simulator: You will enter the game as the commander of large cargo ships. On some trips, you can handle hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo at the same time. It is a difficult task but comes with great rewards. Your task is to deliver the goods to the right place, starting from your port and going to the required ports. After each trip, you will receive money to unlock more new cargo ships.

Oil Tanker Simulator: Have you heard about oil tankers? It is responsible for transporting oil from oil drills located in the middle of the sea to the city port. Oil is an indispensable material for most transportation and mechanical operations. So, if you master the oil transportation route, you can make a lot of money. But things are not so easy, you need to start with a small tanker. Then you can unlock huge ships, transport large amounts of oil and expand your voyage.

Cruise ship simulator: The number of tourists is increasing day by day in the Mediterranean waters, especially in hot places. So get ready with your cruise ship to shuttle tourists and earn money from this business. Different from cargo and oil tankers, cruise ships have a luxurious and modern appearance. It is like bright stars on the sea at night, attracting all your eyes.


Intuitive control interface

Ship Sim 2019 offers very intuitive controls, giving you easy access to the game. It not only simulates preliminary controls but also has a detailed interface for driving. You can see the navigation, steering wheel, dashboard, and more on the screen. But basically, there is no need to learn intensively how to handle parameters.

You just need to use the left/right arrows to navigate the train, and the lever to adjust the speed. At the same time, observe the locator watch to see the direction of movement. Some other important features also need to be taken into account, for example, two stats Fuel and Damage. You need to make sure the ship has enough fuel to move and consider the damage factors on board if any for timely repair and maintenance.


Realistic and vivid graphics

The feeling of driving the train becomes really impressive thanks to the 3D graphic design. It successfully simulates a realistic, busy, and bustling port city with the flow of ships. The pictures of the ships are also carefully polished, clearly showing every detail and part of the ship. In the third perspective, you will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the panoramic seaport and vast ocean. Besides, the weather effect on the day and night cycle makes this experience even more realistic. And the dynamic sound will keep your excitement going for a long time.


Don’t miss Ship Sim 2019 if you are passionate about sailing like a sailor. It brings you the most typical ship species to ride and enjoy the ocean. Play hard to complete quests and hunt for great rewards. Unlock ships, maps, and more to expand your journey. The game is available to download here, don’t hesitate.

How to Download & Install Ship Sim 2019 MOD APK 2.2.3 for Android Latest Version 2023

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