Real Moto MOD APK 1.1.118 (Unlimited Money)
Real Moto MOD APK 1.1.118 (Unlimited Money)

Real Moto MOD APK 1.1.118 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - November 30, 2023 (1 week ago)
Name Real Moto
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Dreamplay Games
Size 169MB
Latest Version 1.1.118
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Racing
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update November 30, 2023 (1 week ago )

Won the love of a large number of players around the world. The Real Moto game is built for speed enthusiasts. Promises to bring an exhilarating experience with realistic racing speeds. This is a motorcycle racing game, that combines a variety of game modes. Join the game, you will become a racer, the goal is to win to prove yourself. The gameplay of the game is quite simple, there is a competition between you and many other opponents. Along with that is a series of unique features added by the system. Discover many different models of motorcycles, with outstanding performance. Enjoy beautiful 3D graphics, with vivid picture quality. Experience different perspectives and controls. Along with extremely realistic simulated sound effects.

Download Real Moto – Motorcycle Racing To Compete With Other Riders

Test your motocross skills through races in Real Moto. With more than 150 different challenges provided by the system. Each challenge requires completion in a race. Play as a character in the game to use the motorcycle. Then participate in speed races to start the mission. Compete with other racers in real-time. Aim to reach the finish line with the top position to get good results on the leaderboard. From there will win and have a chance to get bonuses and oil. After completing the mission, you can start to move on to the next race. The difficulty of the challenge will increase, more complicated than before. Make you encounter a lot of difficulties in the process of performing the task. But the reward received after the end will be greater than before.Real Moto

More than 150 challenges

Real Moto racing takes place in real-time. With more than 150 different tasks to perform. For example, driving more than 10km, more than 50km, reaching level 2, participating in the campaign to get stars,… There are many other tasks to do. Based on speed racing gameplay. Each race will have to meet the required conditions to be able to complete the task. In addition to receiving rewards after finishing a race. You can also receive money or oil when completing a mission. However, achieving excellent results requires motorcycle driving skills. Observe the environment ahead to determine the direction to go. Incorporate miniature map observations to pinpoint exact locations on the race map. From there, it is possible to know in advance the next direction to prepare. At the same time drive safely and quickly to the finish line to win.Game Real Moto

Terrain, the process taking place

Each race in Real Moto is held on a map with different terrain. You will have to compete with many other racers. They possess flexible driving skills, with motorcycles with outstanding performance. During the process, the race will be divided into several rounds. Use all the skills learned to drive. Prove yourself as a professional motocross racer. Try to drive steadily so that you can reach maximum speed. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to some situations during racing on the road. Every time you enter a turn, if you hold a corner for too long, the vehicle speed will be reduced. That will give the opponent a chance to pass. Or when there is a collision with other opponents, it will cause an accident.Real Moto

11 racing cars, equipped

To increase the racing experience for all players when participating in Real Moto. The publisher has provided 11 different motorcycles. Each car possesses impressive styling, with an outstanding exterior design. At the same time, their difference is also reflected in the technical parameters. Includes maximum achievable speed, acceleration, braking, and cornering. Each parameter plays a very important role in the performance of the vehicle. If possible, use the accumulated bonuses and oil to upgrade. Enhance performance, and make the car more outstanding. Besides upgrading the motorcycle, it is also possible to customize the character. Through equipment such as helmets, and racing clothes. It not only changes the appearance but also increases the driver’s performance.Download Real Moto

Currently, Real Moto has 2 main game modes. Includes campaign mode and world-record mode. Each mode opens races according to its own gameplay. In the campaign mode, for example, you will compete with racers controlled by AI. With the task of completing the challenges in the system. In addition, the world record mode takes place online races. This is the place where all riders from all over the world gather. Each person owns a racing car in his own style. Through the race to show skills. Prove yourself by putting your name on the leaderboard of the best-performing racers.

How to Download & Install Real Moto MOD APK 1.1.118 for Android Latest Version 2023

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