Quest Hunter MOD APK 1.1.7 (Unlocked)
Quest Hunter MOD APK 1.1.7 (Unlocked)

Quest Hunter MOD APK 1.1.7 (Unlocked)

By TT - November 24, 2023 (4 days ago)
Name Quest Hunter
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher 2 Zombie Games
Size 553MB
Latest Version 1.1.7
MOD Features Unlocked
Category Role Playing
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update November 24, 2023 (4 days ago )

Quest Hunter is an adventure role-playing game with a classic dungeon setting. It will take you on an endless journey with many surprises and joys. In that journey, you will transform into a hero. Your mission is to explore dungeons, destroy enemies, hunt for treasure, and rescue the princess of the kingdom. It is a long journey that stretches along the plot chapters. Wherever it goes, the plot unfolds, bringing new mysteries to uncover. Besides, you can find many valuable resources to upgrade heroes. The higher the level, the more unique the skill system. And you will discover amazing power thresholds over time.

Download Quest Hunter – Attractive adventure role-playing gameplay

This game offers familiar gameplay with a not-so-new theme. But it still has great appeal thanks to the well-thought-out investment in every respect. First, it must be mentioned the perfection of the plot. It consists of many chapters that follow each other to create an exciting adventure journey. New episodes are unlocked continuously as you go to new lands. Along with that, many new enemies, characters, skills, and more are gradually revealed. It can be said that the gameplay of Quest Hunter is driven entirely by its story. Besides, this game is also impressed by the pixel design style. A beautiful dungeon world that will capture your curiosity.


Discover the mysterious dungeon story

According to the plot of the game, you will play a hero with a mission to fight the dark world. Especially, you can do it alone or co-op with up to 3 other players. No matter which mode you choose, you will always have an enjoyable experience as a hero. Your mission is not explicitly specified but will automatically appear in the adventure. Basically, you have to search and gather resources, fight against dungeon enemies, and explore every corner of the map. Through those quests, you will find many interesting things, especially treasure chests. It will help you and your allies earn upgrade items. Through the upgrade, the hero’s strength gradually improved.

With great strength, the hero can conquer significant challenges. Just like that, the dungeon world gradually opened up, bringing many new locations with new mysteries. Following the hero, you will travel through many places and discover them all. You will also meet side characters and get quizzes from them. The puzzles will help you unravel many mysteries. So, you will gradually delve into the game’s plot and understand it. And your adventure is getting more and more detailed and in-depth. It’s even more varied and refreshing because the dungeon world is randomly generated. So you never know what will happen next.


Customize and upgrade heroes

Through the process of exploring the world of Quest Hunter, you will find many useful things. They can be unique outfits that help you refresh your hero’s look. Besides, you will pick up countless other resources such as wood, and metal… They will be used to make weapons for heroes, create swords, shields, armor, and many other things. In addition, many enhancement items can be found in treasure chests. These tools will help improve the hero’s strength. Over time, the tools will be upgraded. Furthermore, the hero’s level is improved, thereby unlocking new skills and new power thresholds.


Puzzle and expand the story

Besides the role-playing and adventure elements, this game has more puzzles. They will appear from the side characters you meet along the way. These quizzes will come with 3 options to answer. Your job is simply to choose one of the available answers. Every decision affects your adventure. If you choose correctly, you will unlock new content or valuable items to upgrade. The puzzles also have the effect of guiding the hero through the details of the original story. So discuss with your friends before choosing an answer.


Beautiful pixel design

The game’s dungeon world is extremely vividly described in pixel style. Covering it is darkness with details such as trees, forests, ancient tombs, castles, warehouses, and more. Each location hides many mysteries, stimulating your curiosity. Besides, the hero image is also carefully polished. They look like tiny heroes when viewed from above. But they can move flexibly and display eye-catching skills. In particular, you will enjoy your experience with a deep and captivating music background.

A fascinating role-playing adventure is waiting for you to explore in Quest Hunter. Don’t hesitate to download the game and start it right away with your friends. You will be the one to find out all the mysteries and treasures in the game’s dungeon world. Furthermore, you will decide to end your story through choices. Is it a happy ending or a bad one? Let’s explore that now.

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