Planet Rush MOD APK 1.18.3 (Menu, Immortality, High Damage)
Planet Rush MOD APK 1.18.3 (Menu, Immortality, High Damage)

Planet Rush MOD APK 1.18.3 (Menu, Immortality, High Damage)

By TT - January 31, 2023 (10 months ago)
Name Planet Rush
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Tap Swap Games
Size 136MB
Latest Version 1.18.3
MOD Features Menu, Immortality, High Damage
Category Casual
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Price FREE
Update January 31, 2023 (10 months ago )

Join Planet Rush and start the battle to protect the world from alien enemies. It is your mission to transform into a hero in this game. It will take you on a long battle journey, through many planets and many enemies with unlimited progress. Thereby, you will enjoy shooting battles from small to large. You also have the opportunity to adventure across the universe to set foot on many different planets. In addition, the game brings quite a lot of weapons and equipment to explore. Unlock them and improve your hero. A journey of fighting for survival has many surprises that you cannot miss.

Download Planet Rush – Survive the alien invasion

This game is built with a fantasy setting where the earth is invaded by space enemies. In that context, a cyborg is created and summoned to protect the world. You will play this robot and go through an endless battle journey. That journey is exciting classic arcade shooting battles. Autofire mechanics are exploited to the fullest so that you can enjoy the battles in peace. In other words, you don’t need to do much. But you still feel the attraction from the shooting RPG gameplay. Besides, the game also has many modes and a rich content system. So there is always something for you to discover in your experience.


Non-stop fighting

The most typical mode of the game is the story. It consists of hundreds of interconnected quests that lead you on an endless combat adventure. In each mission, you have to fight and defeat all the alien enemies. After that, you will get a few upgrade options before entering the new war. Those are the available and free upgrades from the game. You only get one of 3 upgrades, which can increase damage, unlock new skills, increase speed, restore HP… Choose the upgrade that suits your situation and get ready for a tougher challenge now afterward.

About the control mechanism, you will easily grasp from the first time. During the fight, you just need to use the joystick in the middle of the screen to move the hero. The hero will automatically attack the nearest target. But you need to control him wisely to reach the target while dodging damage from enemies. As the level progresses, the enemies will become more and more powerful. In particular, after a certain number of levels, you have to confront the boss. They are giant robots with large HP and complex skills. Usually, before the fight with them, you will meet Angel to be granted some important upgrades.


Upgrade your hero

The upgrades available in Planet Rush are only temporary. You need to upgrade the hero’s passive if you want to keep the edge in the endless battle. To upgrade, you can spend money to unlock new weapons and equipment. You also need to equip the hero with powerful armor and additional items. Besides, when the hero level up, some new skills will be unlocked. With the new skill, you can be more flexible in the next battles. At the same time, new skills will be used to counter new types of enemies. That is the condition for you to take advantage of increasingly difficult challenges.


Discover many new planets

The robot hero’s journey will not stop on earth. The war can be extended beyond the confines of this planet. You can go to many new planets as the enemy makes a strategy to invade the whole universe. On each planet, you will face new enemies and challenges. To conquer them, you need new strategies and constant upgrading. This is also an opportunity to admire other beautiful worlds beyond the earth. Prepare for an adventure through space with your battle robot.


Top-down viewing angle

This game offers a perspective that is quite common in roguelike titles. It’s a top-down view, giving you a panoramic view of the battlefield. From this perspective, everything will be visually visible and detailed. You’ll see everything from the hero’s movements, enemies, battlefield terrain, and action effects. Those effects highlight each hero’s skill. At the same time, they combine with vibrant background music, bringing excitement to the fight.

So, are you ready for the battle journey through space? Planet Rush will bring you to many distant planets to carry out the mission of combat robots. Get ready to go through many traps and encounter alien enemies. It’s not an easy challenge, but with autofire mechanics, you’ll reach everything quickly. In particular, you also do not need an internet connection to play.

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