Pako Highway MOD APK 1.1.3 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Free Cars & Stages)
Pako Highway MOD APK 1.1.3 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Free Cars & Stages)

Pako Highway MOD APK 1.1.3 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Free Cars & Stages)

By TT - February 21, 2023 (9 months ago)
Name Pako Highway
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Tree Men Games
Size 108MB
Latest Version 1.1.3
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Free Cars & Stages
Category Racing
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update February 21, 2023 (9 months ago )

Do you like racing games with retro style? Pako Highway is a game that you should not miss. This game will bring endless highway racing tracks full of obstacles. Your job is to overcome all obstacles to conquer the racing time record. The farther and longer you race, the higher the achievement. But just a small bump is enough to make you stop. You also have the opportunity to explore a variety of different racetrack locations with many luxury cars. Try out all the retro cars available on your track and conquer new milestones!

Download Pako Highway – Endless highway racing gameplay

The racing gameplay combined with the “endless run” mechanism creates the racing tracks on Pako Highway. This game will not disappoint you with a well-rounded investment in many aspects. Each track in the game is designed in detail and has a classic retro style. This is what makes it different from today’s modern 3D games. Moreover, the control mechanism is optimized for gamers to easily manipulate on mobile. But the smooth control touch will give the most realistic racing feeling.


Enjoy fast-paced races

This game does not have many modes like other regular racing games. Instead, you just need to open the game, choose a car, and step right into an available track. On the track, you have no specific mission. Your goal is to race the fastest and furthest to score new achievement records. To do this, you need to practice your concentration and agility. There are hundreds of cars on the street. They can make you stop at any moment.

Regarding the driving mechanism, you only need to master some basic operations. Specifically, you can use touch screen tilt to navigate the car left or right as you like. To speed up, drive close to other vehicles. When overtaking that vehicle, the racing car will be boosted to accelerate for a certain time. Acceleration will help you run faster to score higher. But in the acceleration phase, you will take a higher risk because controlling the car is not easy. With just one hit with another car, you have to play from the beginning.


Unlock new cars and tracks

Pako Highway does not have a diverse collection of vehicles like many other games. But it also offers some cool retro cars with varied designs and powerful engines. These include models like Originello, Badi, Road King, and more. Each car will give you a different racing feeling when owning its own engine and sound. However, you cannot customize the vehicle from its appearance to its attributes. This is the biggest shortcoming of this game.

Besides racing cars, this game also has many beautiful maps. You will have the opportunity to explore all the maps as you pass new milestones. It could be smooth highway tracks, sunny coastlines, or craggy high mountains. Each type of terrain will give you a different and new racing feeling. In particular, each map will bring unique scenery and weather conditions. You can race during the day or at night and enjoy the rhythm of street life all the time. Moreover, enjoy the beauty of the scenery, vehicles, and electric lights.


The challenge is getting harder

Everything in this game is described quite simply, but there is no less difficult for you. The tracks will become more and more unpredictable the further and longer you drive. The track will be increasingly crowded with a variety of vehicles from cars to trucks, buses, police cars, and more. They appear randomly along the way and can move in real-time. You need to dodge them if you want to continue the journey at top speed. This is a fun challenge to train your acumen.


3D design with classic retro style

This game is carefully built with 3D graphics. But it’s retro, reminiscent of games from decades ago. This style brings a classic feel to the racetracks here. The car models in the game also have a typically classic beauty. But the engine and sound are still very strong and vibrant. They will give you a realistic, modern, and extremely smooth racing feeling. Moreover, the racing scene is also described very beautifully.

So what else do you hesitate? Come to Pako Highway and enjoy retro racing tracks now. This game will make you fall in love with its minimalist yet challenging racing style. You have to drive through busy highways or high mountains. Stay focused on your steering wheel to score the most memorable milestones. Don’t forget to unlock more cars to find new sensations.

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