Nonstop Knight MOD APK 2.20.1 (Cooldown)
Nonstop Knight MOD APK 2.20.1 (Cooldown)

Nonstop Knight MOD APK 2.20.1 (Cooldown)

By HN - June 26, 2023 (5 months ago)
Name Nonstop Knight
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Flaregames
Size 84MB
Latest Version 2.20.1
MOD Features Menu, No rollback skills, Always High Critical, Free Upgrade
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Update June 26, 2023 (5 months ago )

Explore the dungeon in the game Nonstop Knight. Follow the action gameplay, taking place in the style of role-playing. You will become a hero with outstanding fighting ability. Use equipped weapons to join the adventure. Face countless difficult challenges, fending off attacks from large numbers of enemies. They are monsters, demons, skeletons, and more. The floors of the dungeon will face many dangers. Sometimes having to fight the boss will cause you to lose your life at any time. Besides, there will be the opportunity to collect a lot of valuable loot. Those are the equipment and resources to strengthen yourself. Improve your strength to fight better.

Download Nonstop Knight – Explore Dungeon Floors with Heroes

Adventure in the dark dungeon with countless challenges waiting ahead. Follow the idle gameplay that takes place in the journey. Heroes will automatically attack enemies when they appear, through equipped weapons to deal damage. Based on the simple and optimally designed control mechanism. You only need one finger to lead the hero. The navigation task moves to move forward, through the mechanism of tapping and rotating in directions. Besides, it is also possible to actively use offensive skills. Aim to create special combos to deal more damage. They are displayed as different icons, touch to use.Nonstop Knight

Quests by floor

The journey to gather information in the dungeon will occur at each level. At each level is a dungeon floor, opening up a large environment with complex terrain. Along with that comes the appearance of dangerous enemies. Accordingly, the system will give specific tasks to perform. It is to kill the enemy with the specified number. The process will face many difficult challenges against fierce attacks from large numbers of enemies. You will have to fight intelligently to survive. Don’t let it run out of health, or the quest will fail.Game Nonstop Knight

Difficulty increased

After fulfilling the condition given on a floor in the dungeon in Nonstop Knight. From there will end a journey and complete the mission. At this point will be moved to the next floor. Continue the adventure with more difficult challenges to face. The number of enemies to kill will be larger than before. At the same time, the environment and terrain are changed. As well as the ability of the enemy is greatly improved. Shown through fighting strength, endurance, and blood volume. The above will make it difficult for the hero to survive and perform the task. Even lost lives and could not win.

Various enemies

The process takes place in the battle in the dungeon to uncover the mystery. Face countless enemies such as demons, monsters, zombies, and terrifying bosses. Each enemy will attack differently. They can use swords to charge for melee attacks. Or use magical powers to deal damage from a distance. But based on the power gained, the hero can destroy the enemy in the face. At the same time, they will drop gold coins to collect.Tai Nonstop Knight

Face the boss

Pass each level in turn, when reaching a certain floor in the dark dungeon. At this point the hero will have to face the monster boss. Possesses strength that surpasses ordinary enemies. The boss’s attack, defense, and health stats are larger. As well as the huge size and unique fighting style. Making it difficult for the hero to overcome, even to be defeated. However, after defeating the boss will collect a large amount of gold coins.

Upgrade equipment

Use the money collected from battles with enemies. Equipment can be upgraded to enhance the hero’s abilities. Through weapons, helmets, and capes. Accordingly, use the money to upgrade the level of each type of equipment used. This will increase the weapon’s attack stats to deal more damage. Or increase defense and health for armor and hats. Help the hero overcome the bigger challenges on the next floors.Download Nonstop Knight

In addition to the equipment used in Nonstop Knight. There are also many different skills to use in battles. Includes spin, jump, clone, smash, black hole, and more. Each skill when used will bring a special ability of its own. For example, the spinning skill will help the hero swing his sword and rotate to deal large area damage. Or the clone will create a hero in the form of a shadow to assist in the attack. However, it should be noted that the battle can only choose to use 3 different skills.

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