Nightclub Tycoon MOD APK 1.17.001 (Upgrade, Free Shopping)
Nightclub Tycoon MOD APK 1.17.001 (Upgrade, Free Shopping)

Nightclub Tycoon MOD APK 1.17.001 (Upgrade, Free Shopping)

By HN - July 3, 2023 (5 months ago)
Name Nightclub Tycoon: Idle Manager
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Iteration One GmbH
Size 82MB
Latest Version 1.17.001
MOD Features Upgrade, Free Shopping
Category Simulation
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update July 3, 2023 (5 months ago )

Become a boss to run a nightclub in the game Nightclub Tycoon. This is a simulator that manages the activities taking place in a nightclub. Starting from zero in a nightclub in the city center. You will have to come up with growth strategies to make a profit. Aiming to build an empire of its own in the entertainment business. Based on idle management mechanism, simulated on mobile. When you join, you can do everything you want. Unlimited growth to create a nightclub of its own. The goal is to attract customers to use the service to make a lot of money. Increase profits from huge revenue streams every day. From there, own a huge fortune to become a rich boss.

Download Nightclub Tycoon – Manage Nightclub Entertainment Activities To Increase Profit

Rely on idle management gameplay as you build your own empire. Lots of different activities and lots of work to do. Hire DJs and waiters with multiple roles. Also, shop for the equipment to create a tailored nightclub. There are many other activities to be discovered when participating.

Based on the idle clicker mechanism used. All work is done through touch operation. That will help you focus more on growing the nightclub to become famous. Instead of having to spend more time learning the game’s control mechanism.Nightclub Tycoon

Gameplay happens, invest to grow

Start from zero at a large nightclub. But the facilities are quite sketchy and lack many things. Your goal is to build and grow to create the biggest empire in the entertainment industry. Accordingly, the ultimate goal is to earn profits to become rich. To do that need to increase revenue from customers. By using capital and investing in bar activities. Serve customers and give them a great nightclub experience. At this time, the money will automatically be transferred to the account so that it can continue to grow. Based on your business strategy, over time will turn the dream of owning a top nightclub into reality.Game Nightclub Tycoon

Troubleshooting at the bar

At Nightclub Tycoon ‘s nightclub bar, there will be many activities to manage. Customers come here to entertain and enjoy exciting music. But with that comes the risks of uncontrollable actions. They can smash things and climb on counters. This will cause the facilities in the nightclub to be damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent their actions by upgrading and unlocking. Use the money to upgrade seats, and increase durability and certainty. Or unlock the device that spits out fireballs to burn anyone who jumps on the bar’s table.Tai Nightclub Tycoon

Hire employees to fill positions

Over time, the nightclub you manage will receive more customers. This also causes difficulties in the management process. To control people who come to have fun, as well as ensure to serve them thoughtfully. It will be necessary to hire staff to take on a variety of roles. Examples include security, serving, bartending, and DJing. Each employee will perform their own job in the nightclub. Security will stand outside the main door, and check everyone before going inside. To ensure security and prevent thieves from sneaking in. Waiters will assist with bar operations. Likewise, the bartender will bring drinks for customers to enjoy.Download Nightclub Tycoon

Upgrade many things

Using the money earned from the business, you also have to upgrade many things. For example, upgrading employees to be able to perform their work efficiently. Improve the food and drinks to become more delicious, thereby increasing the amount of money selling to customers. As well as upgrading items in the bar or other areas. Make sure they can be used for a long time to serve many customers.

To make the nightclub business at Nightclub Tycoon more and more developed. Need to keep customers stay longer, thereby making more money from them. By hosting a big party and hiring a DJ, everyone can enjoy the excitement of participating. Put on interesting performances and create interesting events. Then can increase revenue from selling to customers. Through that will make a lot of money. Help you become richer and build the biggest nightclub in the city center.

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