Moto Traffic Race MOD APK 1.33.02 (Unlimited Money)
Moto Traffic Race MOD APK 1.33.02 (Unlimited Money)

Moto Traffic Race MOD APK 1.33.02 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - June 19, 2023 (6 months ago)
Name Moto Traffic Race
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Play365
Size 62MB
Latest Version 1.33.02
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Racing
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Price FREE
Update June 19, 2023 (6 months ago )

Are you confident enough with your steering wheel? Join the motorcycle racing game in Moto Traffic Race. Here will compete with opponents in a 1vs1 style. Takes place on roads full of traffic. Accordingly, it will have to show skills to dodge, not cause an accident. Also, increase the maximum speed for a chance to overtake your opponent and rise to the top. The race will be held at a certain distance. Do your best to conquer every challenge and win. From there, prove yourself as a professional racer. Moreover, there is a chance to receive valuable rewards for trading use.

Download Moto Traffic Race – Motorcycle Racing Happens On National Roads

To give every player the best experience when riding a motorbike. The control mechanism has been designed intuitively. Use the arrow icons arranged appropriately in the two corners of the screen. Accordingly, it is possible to turn left and right, as well as accelerate and slow down when necessary by touching and holding the corresponding arrow key to operate the motorcycle. Besides, the system also displays the vehicle speed table. Allows you to track the changing speed of movement on the road. In general, the driving mechanism of the game is designed in an intuitive way, making it easy to use.Moto Traffic Race

Competitive gameplay 1vs1

Motorcycle races take place in a competitive 1vs1 gameplay. Role-play as a racer controlling your two-wheeled vehicle. Join the race to compete with opponents on the road. Do not stop pressing the gas to increase speed and reach the maximum. Move forward on the road full of traffic. Accordingly, you will have to dodge to be able to go further. Try to outrun your opponent before the end of the specified distance. From there win and successfully complete the challenge. Become a champion and get valuable rewards.Game Moto Traffic Race

Reward received

The reward received after finishing a race at Moto Traffic Race is gold coins. The amount will correspond to the achievements you achieve in the process of driving a motorbike. Including the distance traveled, the score, the number of cars passed, and the time the car is operating at high speed. Through the above achievements will be summed up according to the number of points. From there you will receive the corresponding bonus to accumulate. It can be used for trading activities such as shopping or upgrading.Tai Moto Traffic Race

Alone and competitive mode

Motorcycle races will be held in two different modes. Includes real-time solo mode and 1vs1 competitive mode. Each mode opens the car race according to its own gameplay. Introduce different rules that need to be followed. Coming to competitive mode 1vs1 will limit the distance traveled. For example, in 3km of the track, you will have to overtake your opponent to reach the finish line with the top position. Only then can you win to go to the next race?

Challenge your motorcycle driving skills in solo mode. A real-time countdown is given by the system. You will have to drive the car to accelerate forward with the goal of reaching the farthest distance possible after the time is up. Accordingly, many different activities will take place. When traveling a certain distance, the progress bar is displayed. This will come to a checkpoint with the corresponding percentage. To be able to complete the mission, it is necessary to reach 100% progress through the checkpoints on the road.Download Moto Traffic Race

Diverse vehicle system

Here the game provides a diverse vehicle system. Includes classic motorcycles, modern motorcycles, and more. Each car is designed differently, reflected in its components. Accordingly you will be provided with a free car at the start. The rest must be used to buy in the game store. Each vehicle will require different amounts. The difference between them is also reflected in the performance. Evaluated by the system through parameters such as speed, braking, and control. Moreover, after unlocking your favorite motorcycle, you can also change the paint color.

The traffic system in Moto Traffic Race is simulated realistically in racing tracks. With so many different vehicles to avoid. Examples include trucks, cars, SUVs, concrete dump trucks, and even police cars. They move at different speeds and will change lanes when turning on the turn signal. You need to observe to dodge, to move forward to reach a long distance. Not stopping there, the environment is also changed over time. Day and night environments, along with sunny and rainy weather conditions.

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