Modern Warplanes MOD APK 1.20.2 (Menu, Unlimited money gold, all unlocked)
Modern Warplanes MOD APK 1.20.2 (Menu, Unlimited money gold, all unlocked)

Modern Warplanes MOD APK 1.20.2 (Menu, Unlimited money gold, all unlocked)

By HN - June 5, 2023 (6 months ago)
Name Modern Warplanes
Requires Android 4.1+
Publisher GDCompany
Size 148MB
Latest Version 1.20.2
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money gold, all unlocked
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update June 5, 2023 (6 months ago )

Fighter aircraft is a modern attack weapon most countries in the world have. Power, mobility, the benefits it brings are completely higher than vehicles moving on the ground. ern Warplanes is a large-scale fighter shooting game. Many top-notch, dramatic, thrilling matches with the participation of many heavyweights. Players always have a feeling of nervousness, tension, fear of being shot at them. The air battle between the planes was uncompromising. If you want to survive, you must destroy and shoot down all the opponents around you. This is also everyone’s thoughts. The chaotic war was played out with dozens of fighter planes flying around the sky. Stressful battles do not make you feel pressured or uncomfortable. Which will create a feeling of excitement and addiction.

Download ern Warplanes – Fierce plane shooting battlefield

At the beginning of the war, your plane will come from an aircraft carrier at sea. Control the plane to take off, move to the sky, join the match. The sky in ern Warplanes mod is not like in real life. The space was filled with smoke and fire, the sound of guns always ringing in the ears. Players must always be in a state of combat readiness. Always being chased by the enemy, attacking and surrounding you. Do everything to survive, the plane does not crash. The enemy is always looking for ways to shoot you down, they use modern technological weapons such as Missiles, guns, grenades, etc… The continuous attack on your plane. Cleverly control the aircraft to move, dodge all the shots from the opponent. Wait for the right opportunity, counterattack, and blow up their aircraft. You are the pilot soldier of the US army. Do everything to protect the national sovereignty of your country.

Modern Warplanes mod apk

Aircraft system

The fighter aircraft system in ern Warplanes is diverse with the most modern planes in the world. Give you many different choices with your favorite models. SU27, M84, Blackbird, Nighthawk, and Raptor are popular models used by many players. Designed according to the actual model, making you feel like sitting in a real cockpit. The control of a fighter jet is more problematic than a conventional plane. The console has more function keys. Especially the operations must be done quickly, changing according to the situation of the match. Not only that, you have to perform 2 operations at the same time: Just dodge the shots from the enemy, launch a counterattack, shoot down the opponent. Equip your plane with the most powerful combat weapons. Increases damage in each attack phase. Need to pay more attention to the defense system. Don’t let 1 shot from your opponent cause your plane to explode.

Game ern Warplanes mod

Players from many countries

Your opponents come from many different countries around the world. Germany, the USA, Russia, Japan, China, Brazil are the most formidable enemies in ern Warplanes. Their military is very developed, especially in aerial technology. When meeting players from these countries, the first thing you need to do and most importantly is to keep the fighting spirit. Don’t be afraid to see a strong opponent, leading to not being able to compete to the best of your ability. In every match, always carry a cool head, handle all situations in the most professional way. You can make friends with other players to exchange and learn more interesting things. During the match, we can be rivals, but after the game is over, we’re friends. The air war between many countries promises to bring many dramatic, exciting, and breathtaking moments for players.

Modern Warplanes mod apk

Equipment and upgrades are needed.

I talked a little bit on the plane about the necessary equipment. In this brutal war, if only using the default attack system. Then you will have to receive a lot of failures, it is very difficult to win. It puts a lot of pressure on players. To prevent this from happening, equip your aircraft with more powerful weapons. Missiles, machine guns, bombs, cannons, mines, etc. are all very important and indispensable items in matches. If you feel that when you have the equipment, but the power is still not enough. Then you can continue to upgrade your aircraft and equipment to a higher level. The plane’s engine needs to be upgraded to the max. To move quickly, dodge bullets and rockets easier.

Game ern Warplanes mod hack

MOD APK Feature of Modern Warplanes

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money gold
  • all unlocked

Modern Warplanes also allow players to choose the shape of their fighter. It’s great, make sure there are no overlapping situations on the battlefield. Experience on many different maps, explore beautiful scenes in the sky. Although it is war, it also has its own beauty. Combining well with teammates helps create a convincing victory. Download ern Warplanes to control the plane to shoot down all enemies, master the blue sky.

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