– Cat Fighter  APK (Unlimited Coins) 6.2.2 – Cat Fighter  APK (Unlimited Coins) 6.2.2 – Cat Fighter APK (Unlimited Coins) 6.2.2

By HN - June 28, 2023 (5 months ago)
Name - Cat Fighter
Requires Android 5.0
Size 68MB
Latest Version 6.2.2
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update June 28, 2023 (5 months ago )

With cats interacting with each other in the game – Cat Fighter. Follow the action gameplay that takes place in each match. You will have to follow the rules given by the system. Accompany a cat in a competition of up to 12 species. Rely on physical impact to find ways to destroy opponents in the arena. From there, survive before other cats to find the last one that survives. This is an offline game built with content. When joining can play for free with exciting features on offer. Many species of cats are shaped with a variety of colors. Along with a unique slide-style movement. To increase the experience, the developer also designed extremely vivid graphics and sounds.

Download – Cat Fighter – Fight Between Cats In The Arena

Enjoy the exciting gameplay that the game brings in catfights. Based on the simple control mechanism designed. Optimal usage will help you focus on competing in the arena. Instead of having to spend time getting used to how to play. Here the system uses the joystick virtual feature displayed in the left corner of the screen. Similar to other uses, just tap and rotate directions to move. Besides, it is also possible to use power to attack, creating a large thrust that sends the opponent away. Shown by the cat’s paw print icon displayed in the right corner. But it should be noted that only the luminous footprint can be - Cat Fighter

Graphics and sound

To bring interesting and fun matches between cats. Graphics are one of the factors that increase the player’s experience. Here the publisher uses 3D-based graphics. With sharp image quality and flexible motion effects. Expressed through the shape of cats with diverse colors. Along with the open environment in many different spaces, simulated through unique colors. For example green, black, blue, and more competitive environments.

Besides the graphics, the sound quality of the game is also impressively simulated. Shown through the collision sounds of cats when impacting each other to attack. Along with the fun music, the melody is recreated when cats use expressions. Accordingly, the sound will be flexibly changed to suit each scene taking place in the arena.Game - Cat Fighter

Compete up to 12 cat species

Follow the competitive gameplay of up to 12 cats in a single match of – Cat Fighter. You will compete with the remaining 11 cats in the arena. No alliances or factions were formed. Each cat is a faction and will attack each other. Through the action of moving and impacting each other to create thrust. According to the rules of the given game, each match will last until there is one cat left in the arena. Accordingly, if you want to win, you need to become the last cat alive. Reached first place with excellent performance, killing many opponents. From there, prove your skills and continue to the new match.Tai - Cat Fighter

Fair play, can increase in size

The process of fighting between cats. The attack will be recreated extremely fierce and dramatic. Because cats will constantly impact each other to create thrust. The goal is to make the opponent splash out of the arena and fall into the cliff. From there, it is possible to eliminate competing cats to reduce the number of opponents in the arena. After each kill on an opponent, knock it off the map. Then the cat will increase in size. Improved thrust to easily kill smaller-sized opponents. However, it should be noted, the game takes place in a fair way. So even larger cats can still be pushed out of the arena by smaller cats.Download - Cat Fighter

To win the matches at – Cat Fighter. Skills and experience are two very important factors. Requires you to constantly improve to be able to defeat cat opponents in fights in the arena. For example, do not move close to the edge of the arena, because that will create an opportunity for the opponent to attack. Or take advantage of the opponent’s push to impact another cat. Simultaneously combine with the power from the footprint to create great thrust. This causes the affected opponent to be thrown away and even fall into the cliff.

How to Download & Install - Cat Fighter MOD APK 6.2.2 for Android Latest Version 2023

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