Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK 10.104.004 (Unlimited Money)
Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK 10.104.004 (Unlimited Money)

Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK 10.104.004 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - November 29, 2023 (5 hours ago)
Name Magic Tiles 3
Requires Android 4.1+
Publisher AMANOTES
Size 96MB
Latest Version 10.104.004
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Mucsic
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update November 29, 2023 (5 hours ago )

After the first 2 versions were released, many brothers supported them. There is a simple, unique, and extremely new gameplay that has attracted the attention of many gamers. The heat is still not over, but recently AMANOTES PTE LTD continues to release version 3 in this fascinating music series. Magic Tiles 3 was released in early 2019, up to now, this game has reached 100 million downloads after more than 2 years of release. Much better than the previous 2 versions. The basic gameplay remains the same, the races with music are extremely interesting.

Magic Tiles 3 mod

Players will press the black musical notes on the screen to score points, creating the complete song. Each time you press it, a musical note will sound. And so on until the end of the song. Note that if you slide out the other color keys, the game will stop immediately. At this point you will have 2 options: 1 is to use diamonds to revive, continue the screen. 2 is to stop and start again from the starting position. Be very careful, perform quick hand and eye movements to complete the song.

Download Magic Tiles 3 – Immerse yourself in the melody of the music

Magic Tiles 3 has a huge music album, many different genres of music that are extremely attractive. Find your favorite music easily. It’s hard to find a music-related game with as many songs as this gameplay. Create attraction for players to have more interesting choices. The difficulty of the game depends on the tune of the song. The more exciting the music, the more high notes, the faster the appearance of the keys will be. The speed is not fast from the beginning but will increase over time. Your fingers and reflexes will have to gradually increase to adapt. In particular, the accuracy must be absolute to be able to win. To get quick reflexes, more accurate manipulation, you need to practice with intensity.

Magic Tiles 3 mod apk

Style play

Magic Tiles 3 has simple gameplay, with just a few basic instructions from the system, you can play the game easily. But in order to win, there are many other factors needed. Completing a song is not easy at all. Each track will have a duration of 2-3 minutes, excluding the preludes. When the sound is played, the black musical notes will run from the top to the bottom of the screen in order. Please press those keys correctly, absolutely do not slide to the white notes. Even if you are about to finish the song, the destination is ahead, but if you press the wrong button, you still have to accept failure and won’t get any points. Gameplay requires absolute precision from the player.

Game Magic Tiles 3 mod

Diverse game modes

In addition to destroying the music in the game by yourself, you can compete with other players in online mode. Invite friends to solo or randomly match with any other player. Let’s compare skills to see who is better. This mode requires mobile data or wifi to play. In the match, you will compete with 3 other players around the world. They can be good or bad players depending on that match. If you have teammates, you can invite them to join your team. The game that takes place in teams playing together will be much more interesting and attractive. If you want to compete with your friends, create a private room, invite them in, then set a password to restrict other players from entering.

Music Store

Synthesize all the most famous music in the world is available in Magic Tiles 3. This is the strength of the gameplay to help attract and attract many players. More than 100 songs for you to choose to experience. But that is in offline mode. When mobile data is available, the number goes up to more than 800 tracks of all genres. Huge number, no matter how hard you are to listen to music, it is easy to choose the right song for you. Pop, Dance, EDM, Electronic Music, RNB, etc… Along with many more genres for you to explore. The hits of famous singers in the world are all there, not a single song is missing. Updated at the end of the day to create a new feeling and experience for players.

Magic Tiles 3 mod hack game

After completing the game screen, you will receive valuable rewards from the system. There will certainly be gold coins, exp along with some other items. Choose the music that suits you and especially the songs you like the most. Feeling the melody of the song will be easier to immerse yourself in the game. When you have practiced together, you will have quick reflexes and more accurate manipulation. Download Magic Tiles 3 to experience the most VIP features of the game.

How to Download & Install Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK 10.104.004 for Android Latest Version 2023

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