Mad Day MOD APK 2.2 (Menu, Godmode, OneHit, Kill, SIZE, ESP)
Mad Day MOD APK 2.2 (Menu, Godmode, OneHit, Kill, SIZE, ESP)

Mad Day MOD APK 2.2 (Menu, Godmode, OneHit, Kill, SIZE, ESP)

By TT - November 13, 2022 (1 year ago)
Name Mad Day
Requires Android 4.4
Size 40MB
Latest Version 2.2
MOD Features Menu, Godmode, OneHit, Kill, SIZE, ESP
Category Action
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update November 13, 2022 (1 year ago )

Mad Day is a survival shooting game that combines driving and fiction. Entering the game, your task is to destroy the alien forces that are invading the city. You need trucks and even a special vehicle to conquer this mission. Besides, you also need armor, weapons, skins, and a variety of other accessories. All are available in the shop but you need gold coins to unlock them. Moreover, upgrade the accessories you have to become stronger and faster. In particular, you can connect to Facebook to play with friends.

Download Mad Day – Journey to fight against aliens

This game has a simple but quite funny plot. This plot is shown through hand-drawn paintings. Accordingly, your octopus is kidnapped by an unidentified flying saucer. And that is a sign that aliens are invading the earth. So your journey begins. The goal is to rescue the octopus and protect the world from doom. It is a long journey with a series of levels with increasing difficulty. Be prepared for the exciting events that follow.


Drive and shoot your way

In essence, there is no clear level system in this game. Your journey is an endless action adventure, starting from the warehouse. You will drive the truck and use the available weapons to destroy the enemy. The longer you survive, the higher the score and the greater the reward. The control mechanism is very simple and classic. You just need to click on two virtual buttons on the screen, including Jump and Rocket. Click Jump to jump high and click Rocket to shoot rockets. Let’s combine these two actions flexibly!

Along the way, there will be dozens of challenges waiting for you. In it, the biggest enemies are alien monsters, flying saucers, robots, robotic octopuses, and more. They will appear randomly along the way and will not stop returning fire. You need to adjust the right time to shoot and destroy them. Any collision with an enemy will cause you to decrease HP. In addition, there are traps such as bombs, cars, and brick walls,… Jump in time to dodge them. If the car’s HP reaches 0, you will get out of the car and walk. The fight only stops when the character loses all HP.


Upgrade with new weapons and accessories

Mad Day brings 5 ​​categories to upgrade your survivability. These are Gun, Launcher, RAM, Recharger, and Armor. Each factor has a certain influence. For example, upgrading a gun will improve a gun’s damage; upgrading Recharger will help reduce cooldown; increasing Armor to increase armor and defense; improving RAM will help protect the car; increasing Launchers to improve missile damage. Of course, you need to upgrade all these elements to improve overall strength.

In addition, the game also has a series of other unique accessories, typically skins. There are dozens of options to change hats, pants, tops, belts, and shoes. Each accessory not only changes the character’s appearance, but also affects many other factors, such as increasing HP, speed, and damage,… So, try to combine the accessories together according to the battle. your upgrade strategy. There are more than 1000 combinations of the items available in the store.


Unlock unique vehicles

Besides the upgrades, you can also unlock a series of powerful vehicles. There are 4 main types of vehicles in this game. Each type will have its own appearance and strengths. Specifically, the classic truck is installed with rocket launchers and high suspension. Meanwhile, the Jet Car runs on jet engines and can fly off the ground. In addition, there is a buggy which is an off-road vehicle, and cool motorcycles with fast speed and high flexibility. What is your favorite style?


Join the wheel of fortune

Along the way, if you collect candy, you can use it against the Spin at the wheel of fortune. Each candy corresponds to one spin. Each spin can yield gold coins or booster items (usually HP and armor boost). It’s an opportunity to get rewards that you have to spend gold coins to buy. If you want to buy everything without any luck, download the game’s.

Don’t hesitate to join Mad Day and start your survival journey now. This is an exciting action experience with a combination of driving and shooting. Show your agility to overcome obstacles along the way. At the same time, aim accurately and have an effective upgrade strategy to improve performance. A variety of rewards are waiting for you to discover. Moreover, you also have an interesting competition on the global leaderboard.

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