Kung Fu Z MOD APK 1.9.26 (Coins, Gold, Gems, Summons)
Kung Fu Z MOD APK 1.9.26 (Coins, Gold, Gems, Summons)

Kung Fu Z MOD APK 1.9.26 (Coins, Gold, Gems, Summons)

By TT - March 4, 2023 (9 months ago)
Name Kung Fu Z
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Tiny Titan Studios
Size 52MB
Latest Version 1.9.26
MOD Features Coins, Gold, Gems, Summons
Category Arcade
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update March 4, 2023 (9 months ago )

Join Kung Fu Z and become the hero who saves the world from bloodthirsty zombies. This is a hand-to-hand fight with beautiful martial arts displays, but no guns or modern means. This poses a great challenge for you but is also very new and exciting to explore. You can enjoy a variety of unique and powerful martial arts skills from punches, kicks, and more to finish off crowds of zombies from place to place. The more enemies, the more you need to level up, thereby unlocking more amazing combat. Many new contexts to explore in your battle journey. They come to life in a classic retro graphic style and feature a design imbued with Chinese culture.

Download Kung Fu Z MOD – Act like a hero in the post-apocalyptic world

If you are ready to become a hero and save the world, let’s start with Kung Fu Z, the game from the publisher Trophy Games. Join the game and play as a hero who loves martial arts and is brave. Accompany him in the fight against zombies and protect humanity from the pandemic spread by a mad doctor. From place to place, it was filled with zombies. You realize the danger is near and must act to survive. Use skillful and flexible martial arts moves to defeat dozens of zombies. At the same time, please recruit other heroes to fight and upgrade strength. And don’t miss the chance to collect bounties that drop from zombies, using them to upgrade powerful new skins and skills.


Enjoy beautiful martial arts moves

The hero’s battle for survival takes place in turn and from place to place. In each location, your mission is to kill all zombies to unlock the next location. To do that, you need to practice your martial arts skills and combine them with flexible movements. Just click on the screen to the left or right to choose the direction of attack. Next is to click on the skill cards for the hero to deploy the moves. But each move will have a different effect, so to gain an advantage, you need to learn carefully about each move.

The battles will make the hero more and more solid, thereby reaching new levels of strength. He can unleash new more powerful skills such as fireballs, kicks, and punches with tremendous power. Gradually, he will be promoted to reach the black belt, the highest level of martial arts. But the enemy is increasingly crowded and powerful, so the battle is always balanced, requiring your concentration. Besides, at some levels, you may need support from other heroes. They will support you from the side to help relieve the pressure, especially in the fight with many terrible Bosses.


Hero upgrades

After each fight in Kung Fu Z, you will receive a certain amount of gold depending on the number of dead zombies. You can use them to shop at the store and refurbish your hero. There are dozens of different skins to choose from, ranging from superhero suits, superheroes, clowns, ninjas, magicians, and more. Which style do you like? Save gold coins to unlock the skin you like and make the hero really different from the beginning.

Besides the appearance factor, you can also upgrade the hero’s strength. Unlock new combos to use in battle, thereby giving you an advantage. Moreover, you should pay attention to the items on the way, which can be healing items, speeding up… They will help you gain a better advantage in a certain amount of time. And sometimes, that much time is enough for you to finish a level in a flash.


Classic graphics, impressive combat effects

Kung Fu Z has a classic retro design, reminiscent of childhood games. But it is imbued with Chinese culture, from the appearance and costumes of the characters to the setting and martial arts moves. You can see Chinese food streets, parks, train stations, subway stations, and more. New locations constantly appear as you unlock new levels. Zombie images are also quite diverse, including many different shapes and types. Each type will have its own HP and strength, thereby requiring flexibility in your strategy.

Want to join a simple but attractive survival game? So Kung Fu Z is an interesting place to explore. It is quite a new survival experience where you have to use martial arts moves to fight instead of modern guns. Train your moves, lifting the hero cable from the lowest belt to the highest. This is your chance to explore dozens of unique locations and enemies, opening your eyes to the post-apocalyptic world.

How to Download & Install Kung Fu Z MOD APK 1.9.26 for Android Latest Version 2023

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