Kung Fu Clicker MOD APK 1.20.1 (Unlimited Money)
Kung Fu Clicker MOD APK 1.20.1 (Unlimited Money)

Kung Fu Clicker MOD APK 1.20.1 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - December 7, 2022 (12 months ago)
Name Kung Fu Clicker
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher PIKPOK
Size 30MB
Latest Version 1.20.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update December 7, 2022 (12 months ago )

The game simulates a series of different activities revolving around the development of a dojo. Through the idle entertainment game Kung Fu Clicker. Built-in clicker-style gameplay. With lots of different idle activities for you to do. The content follows an interesting storyline. Happened in the martial arts villages and the emergence of gangs. Somehow, you will have to find a way to make the dojo flourish. Profit from operations to increase revenue. Make a lot of money to own a huge fortune. Promises to bring an idle experience, with simple but interesting gameplay. The publisher has used bright graphics. With a touch control mechanism for easy use. Help all players quickly get used to the gameplay when participating.

Download Kung Fu Clicker – Manage To Develop Dojo Upwards Hung Thinh

Based on a short story to describe the content of the game Kung Fu Clicker. Help everyone participating can understand more about the gameplay. As well as the activities that will take place during the experience. The villages inherited martial traditions. With many different sects such as karate, kung fu,… But the presence of the underground gang changed everything. They attack the dojos to destroy everything. Now, is one of the sects established in the village. To protect his dojo, he had no choice but to fight. Will have to attack to fight the underground gang. The goal is to bring the dojo back to its heyday. Through challenging other dojos and guilds. Climb the leaderboards and earn the prestigious black belt.Kung Fu Clicker

Idle clicker gameplay

Based on the idle clicker gameplay of Kung Fu Clicker. You will become the boss of a dojo. With the task of management and development to bring the dojo more and more flourishing. Through investment for profit. The goal is to earn a lot of money to become a rich martial arts master. To do that will need to go through a development process. Come up with effective strategies. By unlocking many new gyms to build a dojo. At the same time continuously upgrade to enhance activities in the gym. Over time, the effort you put into it grows. Surely there will come a time when the desired result will be achieved. From there, the initial goal will be achieved. Possessing a huge fortune thanks to the activities taking place in the dojo.Tai Kung Fu Clicker

Unlock and upgrade gyms

The process of developing the dojo in Kung Fu Clicker is very interesting. You will have to unlock the gyms on different floors. Each gym on a floor is a different type of exercise. They are all inspired by the actual exercises of kung fu, with many different martial arts. There are some exercises such as boxing, water punching practice, boxing exercises,… and many more. Over time, you will gradually unlock more and more new gyms. Each room will have a different number of people practicing. Your mission is to upgrade to improve the gym. Through clicker idle operation to increase profits. However, each upgrade will cost an amount of gold. Depending on the level of each gym, the amount to use the next time will be larger than before.Download Kung Fu Clicker

Fight against underground gangs

Throughout your time managing and operating your dojo at Kung Fu Clicker. In the process will be disturbed by the gang’s henchmen. They are the bad guys, using weapons to enter the dojo. Attack aims to destroy everything you are trying to build. There is no other choice but to fight. Only by defeating all the names in the underground gang can it be stopped. Defend the dojo from collapse. Also after defeating them. You will have a chance to get a gift chest. When opened will have the opportunity to receive a large number of bonuses. Can be used to further develop and maintain the dojo. As each match becomes increasingly difficult, will have to fight a larger number of enemies. From there you will get more money than before.Game Kung Fu Clicker

In addition to the battles against underground gangs in Kung Fu Clicker. The game also features a competition. Helps you to put your dojo to compete with other guilds. From there, it shows the management ability and development strategy of the head. Achieve better results than other dojo bosses. Through that will have the opportunity to climb the leaderboard. With the outstanding achievements of the dojo. From there will receive the prestigious black belt that everyone dreams of.

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