Kingdom Rush Origins TD MOD APK 5.8.02 (Unlimited Diamonds)
Kingdom Rush Origins TD MOD APK 5.8.02 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Kingdom Rush Origins TD MOD APK 5.8.02 (Unlimited Diamonds)

By HN - June 27, 2023 (6 months ago)
Name Kingdom Rush Origins TD
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Ironhide Games
Size 218MB
Latest Version 5.8.02
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Update June 27, 2023 (6 months ago )

Kingdom Rush Origins TD is a castle defense game. The game is the third installment in the Kingdom Rush series of publisher Ironhide Games. Here you will become a commander to perform the task of building towers. Simultaneously unleash the power of the elves in the battle against the enemy. The aim is to create a defense system to protect the mysterious land from various dangers. These are sea snakes, evil witches, and waves of attack from the Gnoll tribe. Accordingly, it will have to destroy all enemies in its attacks. Win matches, thereby advancing in the adventure to continue the new journey. Face tougher and more dangerous challenges from enemies.

Download Kingdom Rush Origins TD – Stop Attacks To Protect Mysterious Lands

Experience a prequel to the game through adventure. There will be a chance to explore mysterious goblin forests, and floating ruins of an ancient metropolis. What’s more, is the magical fairy kingdom with a beautiful environment. Accordingly, in each location, dramatic defensive battles will be opened. Simulated the surrounding landscape in many different environments. Especially the design of the terrain with the routes leading to the city gate will change every time it comes to a new adventure. Face attacks from large numbers of enemies in battles. You will have to prevent all of them from entering the lands. Only then can the mission entrusted to a commander be completed.Kingdom Rush Origins TD

Quests by level

Follow the story of the game to do level missions. At each level unfolds a dramatic defensive battle. Enemy forces such as the Gnoll tribe, evil witches, and sea snakes will split into many different attacks. With each attack that takes place, there will be a large number of enemies. They will move on the route leading to the city gate. Especially not only in one direction but also attack in many different directions. If you want to win, you need to build towers and command goblin heroes. Create a defense system to stop each wave of attacks from the enemy in turn. A successful full wipe will complete the assigned task.Game Kingdom Rush Origins TD

Build defensive towers

The process of the castle defense battle in Kingdom Rush Origins TD. Construction of 4 different types of towers can be carried out in the gaps along the route. Includes archer tower, mage tower, catapult tower, and soldier tower. Each tower type, after being built, will perform defense mechanisms in its own way. For example, the archer tower will shoot arrows. The mage tower uses magical power to attack. The catapult will shoot large blocks of stone, and support the nearby towers to attack. The minion tower will recruit minions to move to the middle of the road. Directly block enemies as they approach. Moreover, it is possible to upgrade the towers to increase the ability.Tai Kingdom Rush Origins TD

Use support powers

Next to the towers built for defense. You can also use a variety of power-ups to support during combat. Includes infinity gauntlet, horn, flaming dragon ball, Elynie’s rampage, gem over time, and teleporter. Each type of power when used will bring a special ability of its own. For example, the infinity gauntlet will increase a larger amount of resources every time an enemy is killed. The Fire Dragon’s Orb is placed at a location of your choice on the route. As soon as enemies appear, they will attack with flames for a short time. Or the horn and blown up will help the towers double damage.

Hero system

There are 16 goblin heroes for you to recruit. They are shaped in their own distinctive style. Expressed through the appearance of elves. appearance and hairstyle. Accordingly, each hero will possess different power parameters. Includes damage, health, defense, and speed. The difference between them is also reflected in the combat skill set. Each hero will have the ability to excel in attacks to stop the enemy. However, to be able to recruit, you will have to meet the level requirements or need to use gems to unlock.Download Kingdom Rush Origins TD

Through defensive adventures in Kingdom Rush Origins TD. Will face more than 30 different types of enemies. Not only against the wave of attacks of the Gnoll tribe. But also have to fight fearsome bosses. For example, giant spiders and many other types of bosses. Along with that is the support from many armies of henchmen. This makes the defensive battle even more fierce. Requiring your command to create a suitable strategy.

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