iScanner MOD APK 5.24.17 (Pro Unlocked)
iScanner MOD APK 5.24.17 (Pro Unlocked)

iScanner MOD APK 5.24.17 (Pro Unlocked) Latest version 2023

By TT - November 13, 2023 (2 weeks ago)
Name iScanner
Requires Android 9.0
Publisher BP Mobile LLC
Size 92MB
Latest Version 5.24.17
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Category Business
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update November 13, 2023 (2 weeks ago )

If you need a handheld scanner, iScanner is the tool for you. This is a free document scanning application that makes it easy for you to scan all types of hard documents and convert them into soft copies (document digitization). After scanning, you can choose the document format you like, be it PDF or JPEG and more. You also have the right to customize the document file by adding text and images, merging pages, digitally signing, etc. The application also has a range of other features such as scanning and solving simple math problems and counting objects through the camera and scanning the QR code.

Download iScanner – Mobile scanner with many features

Most documents are now digitized for easy viewing, editing, and sharing. If you have paper documents and want to digitize them, then iScanner is the tool to have. This tool can help you digitize all kinds of documents, then customize them to your liking, and share them right where you want. All features are free to use. In particular, this application also provides security forms to protect user documents. Usage is also very simple and suitable for everyone.


Scan all types of documents

What types of documents do you need to scan? This app is possible for scanning contracts, forms, tickets, notes, assignments, receipts, magazines, books, newspapers, and more. As long as it’s a document with text or an image, scanning is available. Moreover, the scanner works well even in poor lighting conditions. You can also choose some filters to change the color and light of the document file after scanning. As a result, the file quality is always at its best.

In addition, this application is capable of recognizing more than 20 different languages. This helps you to scan any document whether in Vietnamese, English, French, or other languages. Furthermore, the scanner can automatically detect and adjust contours. For example, when you raise the camera to scan a document, only the entire document is scanned. Excess parts such as tables, chairs, walls, etc. will be cut off automatically. From there, the output of the scanner is always a well-organized document file.


Customize PDF files after scanning

Not only scanning documents, iScanner is also a PDF editor. The scanned documents will be in image or PDF format. If it’s a PDF, you’ll have a host of features to customize the file. Specifically, you can adjust colors, blur text, add text and images, markup documents, add form fills, change the position of elements on files, and more. There are no limitations for PDF editing like on a PDF-specific application.

Furthermore, you can also affect the outside of the file. For example, you have the right to merge pages into one file, merge multiple files, rearrange page order, add watermarks, and digital signatures, manage file folders, etc. Document management is also convenient. Users will have a separate document library containing scanned files. You can add folders and move files into these folders. Don’t forget to name the folders for easy searching and management.


Some other features

Besides scanning and customizing PDF documents, iScanner also owns a series of other supporting features, specifically:

  • Scan simple to complex math problems and give detailed step-by-step solutions.
  • Count the same objects when you bring the camera to the objects.
  • Read any QR code and lead you to the source of the QR like link, image, video, address, etc.

Share files quickly

Once you’re done customizing the file, you can share it with multiple places. This app currently supports sharing files directly to Phone Gallery, printers, iFax, Bluetooth, Messenger, OneDrive, Google Drive, WhatsApp, and more. Of course, you have the right to download files and share them with more sources. File quality is always sharp whether you share it directly or download it. In addition, you can also secure files with a password or fingerprint.


Simple to use, easy to understand

It can be said that this application is a tool for everyone. Whether you are a student, student, or businessman, accessing and using it is not difficult. All you need to do is raise the camera to scan the document, then tap or swipe to customize the file to your liking. Finally, just tap again to save and share the file. Other features are displayed visually in the application.

Download iScanner if you need a versatile scanner. This application will help you scan and digitize any document to make sharing and customizing documents easier. There is a wide range of customization features supported. Moreover, you can share files to many places, secure files with a password, manage your document library as you like, etc. What could be better?

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