IDLE Berserker MOD APK 1.0.23 (Unlimited Money/Resources)
IDLE Berserker MOD APK 1.0.23 (Unlimited Money/Resources)

IDLE Berserker MOD APK 1.0.23 (Unlimited Money/Resources)

By TT - December 5, 2022 (12 months ago)
Name IDLE Berserker
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Sample games
Size 74MB
Latest Version 1.0.23
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Resources
Category Role Playing
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update December 5, 2022 (12 months ago )

Come to IDLE Berserker and get ready for an epic action adventure journey. This game was just recently launched on the mobile platform but soon attracted a large number of fans. It promises to delight you with its idle action gameplay and unique visual style. Join the game, you will play as a hero and fight against the black dragon Trakan. This is a long battle going through hundreds of levels with hundreds of enemies. But it doesn’t take you long to master it. You will enjoy the role-playing battles with the auto idle feature.

Download IDLE Berserker – Action adventure in the dungeon world

IDLE Berserker’s “idle” factor is reflected in every aspect. Firstly, it’s a simple storyline, making it easy to access the entire game content right from the start. The story of the game revolves around the journey of a swordsman. He once almost died after the war but was lucky to be saved by a mysterious girl. However, his benefactor was later sacrificed to the black dragon Trakan. It was this that spurred the swordsman’s indignation to become a raging maniac. And you will play him to discover this epic revenge.


Play as a hero and show off your skills

Now your journey officially begins as a swordsman. Your goal is to defeat the black dragon Trakan and avenge your benefactor. But to meet the dragon Trakan, you must defeat hundreds of his minions. In other words, you have to go through a series of different battles if you want to conquer your goal. Each battle will take place on the phone’s horizontal screen. Images of heroes, enemies, and eye-catching combat effects are described very intuitively.

Although it is a role-playing game, this game is not too heavy on the skill factor. It allows you to use the auto feature to automatically fight the hero. Your job is to enjoy the fight and make upgrades as the battle progresses. If you want to try the feeling of action, turn off the auto and use the virtual skill keys on the screen. Your hero has up to 4 main skills and auxiliary skills. Combine them together your way to create the most powerful combat combo.


Upgrade as the battle progresses

Starting with level 1, your hero in IDLE Berserker is an ordinary swordsman. But over time, he will gradually become stronger and become a legend if upgraded properly. Every second the hero fights with the enemy will generate coins. You can use this money to make upgrades. There are various upgrade features available. For instance, you can upgrade hero stats like Attack, Health, Critical Chance, Critical Damage, and more.

More stats will be unlocked when you reach the allowed level. When upgraded, the hero will unlock new active skills. Besides, passive skills are also increasingly diverse, allowing you to be flexible with your action style. In addition, you can also upgrade the hero by equipping the necessary items. Equipment such as swords, knives, armor, shoes, rings, and gloves… will help the hero become stronger and stronger. Don’t forget to unlock unique skins to improve your hero’s appearance. Thereby, you will witness the real transformation from appearance to strength.


Diverse context system

The diverse dungeon world will make you overwhelmed as you go through different levels. It has many different areas from jungle to hell, volcano, desert, and more. Each place gives you different types of enemies from demons, monsters, orcs, and witches…. Each type of enemy is designed with a unique appearance and attack style. It is this that will make the difference in each battle. Thanks to that, you will see everything new during your journey.


The vivid 2D visual style

This game is well-invested in graphic design. Although only possessing 2D graphics, all images are designed to be vivid and realistic. The hero image with its evolution over time will give you a sense of immersive role-playing. Besides, the enemy system with diverse appearances also brings endless novelty. Exciting sound effects make battles more explosive than ever.

Now is the time to enjoy IDLE Berserker right on your phone. Battles with dungeon enemies are waiting for you to join from now on. Play as the hero, upgrade wisely and defeat every enemy along the way. Your rewards are bonuses and eye-catching combat. But complex skills are not required to master this game. Use the auto feature to comfortably witness the battles.

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