Idle Arks MOD APK 2.4.1 (Unlimited Money/Resources)
Idle Arks MOD APK 2.4.1 (Unlimited Money/Resources)

Idle Arks MOD APK 2.4.1 (Unlimited Money/Resources)

By TT - April 20, 2023 (7 months ago)
Name Idle Arks
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher BHome
Size 116MB
Latest Version 2.4.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Resources
Category Casual
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update April 20, 2023 (7 months ago )

Idle Arks is an idle survival game set in a post-apocalyptic ocean setting. Here, you need to find a way to survive on your raft, while upgrading your boat, saving other survivors, and establishing a new civilization. Do everything as long as you survive and become a great adventurer. You will need to gather resources, build a farm, raise livestock, and adventure. Moreover, you can recruit the remaining survivors to work for you. You will make them happy with the resources you have, thereby boosting productivity and speed of completing tasks. It’s an endless survival journey where only 1% of the captains succeed. Are you one of them? Try this game and show your survival days.

Download Idle Arks – Idle survival gameplay in the ocean

The world is getting hotter and hotter and melting the biggest ice sheets on the planet. It flooded everything on earth with water and killed a lot of people. But luckily, you are one of the last few survivors. Now, you have a mission to survive and re-establish human civilization. You start with a small and fragile raft. But with wise strategy and a spirit of perseverance, you can turn it into a great city at sea. You can master a large community of survivors and discover other mysterious civilizations. This is your chance to explore, adventure, and write your own story. Don’t let hunger or thirst hinder your dreams. You have many ways to create your own resources.

Gather resources, craft, and build

Start on a small raft, you will need to upgrade it over time. You can collect scraps of wood or bottles floating in the sea to patch up your raft. Besides, you can also find many other useful resources to make tools and weapons. But most important is the food, which will feed you and the others on the boat. You can find food from things floating in the sea. But that’s not the best way in the long run. Look for seeds to plant trees and build a farm right on your boat. They will provide regular food and produce wood to build boats. Furthermore, catch floating creatures and raise livestock. Pigs will give meat, chickens will give eggs, and many other resources.

But you can’t do it all alone. You will find many other survivalists in need of help at sea. So, you can recruit them to become your workers, helping to take on different jobs such as farming, breeding, shipbuilding, or exploration. With more people, work gets done faster. It is the basis not only for survival but also for development and even progress. Not just a small boat or a big boat but a great city on the sea, that’s what you aim for. Make an effort to rise from zero in the most extreme post-apocalyptic landscape.


Undertake great expeditions

To develop, you cannot stand in one place forever in Idle Arks. Go on long journeys every day to find new resources and reach out to other survivors. You can collect awesome loot after each trip. Thanks to that, you will have enough resources to upgrade your boat and develop farming and livestock models at sea. But that’s not all. Many new mysterious civilizations exist somewhere in the sea. Go there and explore them to discover what humanity has never touched.

Expeditions also lead you to many places and to enjoy beautiful landscapes. The vast ocean with many interesting things will attract the curiosity of all players. Besides, from the third-person perspective, you can feel the vivid weather effects. Rain, snow, thunder, and more are all very realistic, creating unpredictable challenges from nature.


3D graphics with simple design

Although built on a 3D graphics platform, everything in the game is very simple. The images of boats, oceans, people, resources, tools, and more are just a collection of basic squares. However, everything is very real and close to life. The game background is colorful and the music is light and joyful, creating a feeling of endless relaxation. Moreover, if you play for a long time, you will have the opportunity to discover many unique new landscapes.

Don’t hesitate to join Idle Arks now and enjoy the endless survival journey. Show your strategy to become the greatest captain in the post-apocalypse. Will you establish a city on the sea or just a small boat? Survive your way and interact with other interesting details in this game now.

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