Hero Cantare MOD APK 1.2.389 (Menu, Damage multiplier, God mode, Auto win)
Hero Cantare MOD APK 1.2.389 (Menu, Damage multiplier, God mode, Auto win)

Hero Cantare MOD APK 1.2.389 (Menu, Damage multiplier, God mode, Auto win)

By TT - July 5, 2023 (5 months ago)
Name Hero Cantare
Requires Android 5.0
Size 113MB
Latest Version 1.2.389
MOD Features Menu, Damage multiplier, God mode, Auto win
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Update July 5, 2023 (5 months ago )

Hero Cantare is an epic role-playing game inspired by the famous Webtoon manga series. There you will encounter typical heroes in anime design and unique skill sets, accompanied by impressive visual effects. Your mission is to gather them into the squad to fight the cruel enemies who plot to invade the earth. To do that, you need to understand each hero well and find ways to combine them to create an effective sequence of actions. During the battle, you have control of each hero, manifest the attack strategies to your liking, and see what happens. The battlefield context changes dynamically through many dungeons. Thanks to that, the enemies are also very diverse and continuously upgraded through each level. To win them, you need not only skills, strategic factors are of prime importance.

Download Hero Cantare – Role-playing gameplay combining turn-based combat style

This game will attract the attention of many Webtoon comic fans and mobile gamers. Because it is built based on the hit comic trilogy, Hardcore Leveling Warrior, The God of High School, and Tower of God. However, instead of taking all the original content, this game has been significantly transformed to provide a different immersive experience on phones.

It offers new locations and unique plot developments based on typical heroes. There, you will have the opportunity to discover new details and relationships that were never revealed in the original movie. Your enemies this time are dark monsters with a plot to invade humanity. And you will be the hero leader to destroy the evil, protect the world and compete for the position on the leaderboard.


Build a squad of heroes

The game has many modes, the most typical of which is the PvE mode, where you play according to a level system and must progress over time. There, you will encounter weak to strong enemies in the dungeon. To go to war with them, you need to build a squad of the most powerful heroes from the original Webtoon trilogy. Then you’ll join the typical turn-based combat. In battle, you will control the heroes to deploy tactics to attack. Until all enemies are defeated, you will win to unlock new levels.

The battles are never easy and they always emphasize the tactical element. Gamers need to understand each hero with different sources of power and skills to find ways to make the most of their abilities. Besides, they can stack multiple hero cards on top of each other to create more powerful battle combos. However, pay attention to the mana regeneration that allows the skill to be deployed. Choose your battle order wisely to leave your enemies defenseless. But you need even more intrigued when it comes to PvP mode, where you compete with online enemies. Players of any level will face enemies of the corresponding level. Therefore, the battles are always balanced, inspiring gamers.


Unlock and upgrade heroes with equipment

Over time, Hero Cantare will upgrade the enemy system and challenges for you. Even in PvP mode, as you level up, you also meet stronger opponents. Therefore, the upgrade is absolutely necessary for you to go the long way. Let’s do that by leveling up each hero, and at the same time adding them to equipment, items, weapons… Furthermore, consider replacing heroes with new options, for flexibility strategy.

In addition to the element of appearance and skills, the hero system in the game is also carefully invested in independent storylines. Therefore, each hero will give you their own sympathy with their origin and the power they possess. Take your time to uncover those, while uncovering the secrets of the heroes’ intimate relationships. It helps you better understand each warrior on the team.


Explore the impressive classic fantasy game world

Each battle in the game will take place in different contexts. So the further you go, the more you discover. The classic fantasy world appears in your eyes more clearly and realistically. It is vividly depicted on the 2D graphics platform. The image of the character and the battlefield are all very unique. The combat effect is quite eye-catching with great colors and sounds. All will inspire you to explore in the long run.


So, besides the elements taken from the original comic, Hero Cantare will reveal to you many interesting new points. You will play the role of heroes to fight, and show strength and strategy on every battlefield. Besides, the battles will lead you to an exciting adventure. It is also an opportunity to explore more independent storylines and many mysterious stories.

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