Flight Sim 2018 MOD APK 3.2.3 (Unlimited Money)
Flight Sim 2018 MOD APK 3.2.3 (Unlimited Money)

Flight Sim 2018 MOD APK 3.2.3 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - June 6, 2023 (6 months ago)
Name Flight Sim 2018
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Ovidiu Pop
Size 39MB
Latest Version 3.2.3
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update June 6, 2023 (6 months ago )

Flight Sim 2018 will show you what it’s like to fly an airplane. It is an amazing flight simulator with realistic graphics and vivid sounds. Thanks to that, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best flying mechanics ever. That’s the feeling of sitting in the cockpit, tilting the screen to feel the vibration and other adjustments on the console. Moreover, you can also fly the plane in a panoramic view to have the opportunity to admire the full beauty of genuine aircraft models. Outside is a wonderful sky view with weather effects that change according to the day and night cycle. You can also fly the plane when it rains or snows and enjoys the night view of the city or the vast fields below the ground. What could be better than this?

Download Flight Sim 2018 – Enjoy the flight on 3D graphics

Becoming a pilot has always been a dream of many people, and now you can do it in Flight Sim 2018. This game is the perfect place for you to enjoy the feeling of flying a plane on your phone. Your experience takes place on the horizontal screen, providing wide and open viewing angles to see everything in its entirety. Besides, with high-end 3D design, the game simulates every detail on the screen from planes to scenes. The sound of aircraft engines and background music also creates a stimulating symphony for all pilots. Now it’s time to fly, say you’re ready.


Easy-to-access flight mechanics

The game offers detailed and intuitive controls, making it easy for new players to access. Specifically, it offers two driving modes, first and third person. In the first-person perspective, you will fly the plane from the cockpit position and look out through the window. It is the most realistic driving feeling for you to see the details in the cockpit from the navigation meter and buttons to the indicators of speed, and vibration… of the aircraft. Meanwhile, many players are more interested in the third-person driving mode. It allows you to have a panoramic view to easily control the flight direction. Choose your favorite model and enjoy the different driving experiences here.

Regardless of the flight mode, you can experience the steps in the flight process. Initially, you need to pull the lever to the maximum to launch and take off, then adjust the lever to a moderate level to fly stably in the sky. You can tilt the screen to change the flight direction. At the end of your flight, you will have to land properly to keep the plane and passengers safe. Completing the task, you will receive the corresponding reward. With this realistic and detailed process, you will feel like a real pilot.


Unlock and upgrade planes as you like

Flight Sim 2018 brings many planes to choose from. It includes both classic and modern aircraft with thoughtful and detailed design. You can also customize your favorite planes with paint colors and upgrade options. In the hangar, use your gold coins to upgrade and improve parameters like speed, range, mass, and the number of seats. Your plane can fly faster and farther and earn more money with upgraded seats. So don’t hesitate to shop and upgrade. You will have the opportunity to admire the most beautiful aircraft models ever on your phone.


Expand the map limit to many places

Over time, you can accumulate experience points to upgrade your level. When you reach a certain level, you can unlock new locations for amazing flights around the world. You can fly over the busiest cities and metropolises or rural areas with vast fields. Besides, the weather effects in each place are also described as realistic. Rain, snow, dawn, dusk, night sky…will come alive in your flights. It’s great to be able to fly a plane in so many realistic conditions, isn’t it?


Realistic design, good sound

There is not too much to complain about this game, because it is well-invested in many aspects, especially the graphics. It is designed with 3D graphics, for realistic images and smooth movements. You will have the opportunity to enjoy detailed 3D aircraft models and explore unique locations along the way. Moreover, with an intuitive pilot interface, you can easily view the interior of the aircraft and feel the vibrations and movements of the aircraft from take-off to landing.

So, are you ready to make your own flight in Flight Sim 2018 ? It’s time to fly the best planes and explore the world map. You can fly the plane by simply tilting the screen and using the lever. It’s easy to reach, so you’ll have the flights of your dreams without any tough training.

How to Download & Install Flight Sim 2018 MOD APK 3.2.3 for Android Latest Version 2023

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