Fanatical Basketball MOD APK 1.0.13 (Unlimited Money)
Fanatical Basketball MOD APK 1.0.13 (Unlimited Money)

Fanatical Basketball MOD APK 1.0.13 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - May 27, 2023 (6 months ago)
Name Fanatical Basketball
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher CanaryDroid
Size 24MB
Latest Version 1.0.13
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Sport
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update May 27, 2023 (6 months ago )

Fanatical Basketball brings you to beautiful and epic 3D basketball tournaments on your phone. It’s a place where you can play like a real basketball player or coach. You can build a squad with famous players, and at the same time can play on the field by performing skills from dribbling and passing to scoring. It’s great that this game has everything you need to learn all about basketball. Don’t hesitate to upgrade your team, design jerseys, and take the team to the most prestigious cups on the planet. This game is completely free to download to your phone. If you are curious about it, let’s explore more together now.

Download Fanatical Basketball – Participate in basketball tournaments

This is a great game for basketball fans. It allows you to become a real coach when you can build your own team from the players and coach them in their own way. Besides, the game is also a playground for you to test the feeling of playing basketball on your phone. Every action is very smooth, giving you an indescribably realistic immersive feeling. Not only well-built in gameplay, but this game will also impress you with its epic 3D design. The image of the field, the players, and the basketball all look so real. Therefore, it is considered a basketball simulator that fans cannot miss.


Build your lineup and brand

The game has three main modes, including “Quick Match”, “Challenge” and “League Matches”. In the first mode, you will have 4-minute or 8-minute matches. Meanwhile, the other two modes will be where you will compete against real opponents in a complete match and have special prizes. Regardless of the mode, you always need to build your team to participate in matches. To do this, you can unlock player packs to own athletes and freely arrange them into the squad. There are two types of player packages including the regular package and the premium package. If you choose the regular package, you can unlock players from rank D to rank A. If you want to hunt S-rank players, you should choose the special package.

After you have a list of players, you need to form a 5-member squad to play against other teams. But you don’t need to stick to a certain squad, you can be flexible in replacing players to innovate strategy. The higher the player’s level, the better. However, you always need a good training plan to help the players improve stats like passing, speed, steal, blocking, and fitness parameters. To train, you just need to spend gold coins or cash. You can also shop for jerseys and unlock new basketball skins to build your team’s brand. Get ready with the best team before the big season starts.


Enjoy the ultimate basketball game

The matches make the real appeal of Fanatical Basketball. After choosing the game mode, you will bring your team into the real basketball court. There you need to play various roles to help the team score points before time runs out. You will perform different skills from dribbling and passing to scoring on your own when you are the one in charge of the attack. In case of being dribbled, you need to learn how to steal the ball to gain the initiative. Or if attacked, control your player to block the ball to prevent the ball from hitting the basket.

So you are in control of all the players on the field. But the accuracy of each skill depends on the level and rank of each player. So, although your skill factor is important, you also need to pay attention to strategy. You need the formation with the best players to increase accuracy in each action. Moreover, you need to know how to coordinate movements together. Move skillfully to steal the ball, choose the position to throw the ball, and block the ball. Show off your basketball talent and wow the audience, why not?


Realistic design on 3D graphics

The game impresses with a realistic 3D graphics style. It vividly depicts the image of famous basketball players, the training ground, and the stands with thousands of spectators. Besides, it realistically describes each player’s actions, especially the movement and throwing of the ball. You will enjoy exciting disputes between players on the field like in real life. The vibrant background music and the cheers of the audience also contribute to the heat of each match.

So, are you ready for basketball games in Fanatical Basketball ? Now is the time to participate in the biggest tournaments on the planet and show your basketball talent. You can recruit high-class player cards to build the basketball team of your dreams. And you will control them yourself on the field to throw the ball and score.

How to Download & Install Fanatical Basketball MOD APK 1.0.13 for Android Latest Version 2023

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