Drivers Jobs Online Simulator MOD APK 0.129 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Cars)
Drivers Jobs Online Simulator MOD APK 0.129 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Cars)

Drivers Jobs Online Simulator MOD APK 0.129 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Cars)

By TT - July 1, 2023 (5 months ago)
Name Drivers Jobs Online Simulator
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher Dynamic Games Ltda
Size 688MB
Latest Version 0.129
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked Cars
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Update July 1, 2023 (5 months ago )

Drivers Jobs Online Simulator is a driving simulator in a real environment. Join the game, you will learn how to become a real driver through hundreds of hundreds of different missions. It’s up to you to choose the right vehicle type and explore its functionality. You can drive a car to pick up passengers or a truck to load and deliver goods. Is anything else interesting? Of course, there are dozens of features that you will find in this game. Most especially, the driving mechanics are extremely realistic and intuitive. Enjoy realistic driving while riding in your favorite car.

Download Drivers Jobs Online Simulator – Drive like a real driver

Have you ever thought about becoming a driver? It’s not an easy job, but you can try it in this game. It gives you realistic simulated driving challenges. Thereby, you will have the opportunity to test drive multiple cars and perform daily shuttle missions. Moreover, you will be driving in big cities where there are long roads and busy traffic routes. The challenges on the track will help you learn a lot of good experiences. If you don’t mind riding long distances, start your experience right here.


Choose your favorite mode

So far, this game has only a single mode. Just click “Play” to enter this mode and explore the hundreds of missions available. But before that, you can create rooms and customize the player limit. In other words, you can participate in quests with your friends online. All players have the right to play independently or together to compete in driving. In addition, you can also communicate with others through the familiar “chat” feature. If you don’t want to create a room, just click “Find game” to join any of the pre-made rooms. Just wait a few seconds to join now and enjoy the experience with your friends.


Enjoy realistic driving mechanics

In terms of control mechanisms, this game is somewhat similar to many other driving simulation games. It includes a virtual steering wheel (or two left/right arrows), accelerator, brake, horn, stop, and many more features. All are displayed intuitively on the screen, facilitating manipulation. Besides, you can customize the viewing angle (first or third). The first-person perspective gives you the feeling of being in the cockpit. Meanwhile, the third-person perspective offers a large panoramic view, allowing you to see the entire environment and your vehicle. In the missions, you need to combine actions flexibly to master the car.

You can apply this driving mechanism to almost any task and to any vehicle. But depending on the mission and function of each vehicle, you will have a separate journey. Specifically:

For trucks: Your task is to load the goods into the truck and drive it to the warehouses of big companies. This is the hardest task in Drivers Jobs Online Simulator because usually, it’s long trips.

For buses: You can drive the bus to the stations and pick up passengers. Just like that, you will get money from the fare. This job is sometimes quite boring because you only drive a certain route in the city.

For cars: You will experience the work of a real driver. Your job is to pick up guests and take them to the required locations. In addition, you can also participate in car races.

For vans: It’s the same as when you’re driving a truck. But van trips will be shorter and typically deliver light goods within city limits.


Discover the unique vehicle system

As can be seen, this game has many different types of vehicles including buses, vans, cars, trucks, and more. Each type of vehicle also includes many different options in terms of model, color, brand, and engine. You’ll find them in the game’s garage, but you’ll have to pay to own them. To earn money, work hard to complete the assigned tasks. Besides, the game also allows you to customize the car with color options. So, don’t hesitate to design your car your way.


High-quality graphics

This game will impress you with its premium quality items. It depicts realistic environments with high sharpness and vast scale. So you will have the opportunity for long trips from city to city. The running scene is very realistic and changes flexibly depending on the map. Besides, the car models are also described realistically. The engine sound is equally lively. Enjoy these in each of your missions.

So, are you ready to join Drivers Jobs Online Simulator ? It is the most comprehensive simulation game ever. It will make you fall in love with the incredibly realistic driving job. Choose your favorite car and try it out in the open environment. Don’t forget to stop by the fuel stations to refill your gas tank if you have to drive long distances. Moreover, compete with your friends online if you want.

How to Download & Install Drivers Jobs Online Simulator MOD APK 0.129 for Android Latest Version 2023

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