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Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Glu
Size 82MB
Latest Version 3.5.9
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Action
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Price FREE
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DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES is a great game for you to explore the earth’s history while enjoying the thrill of high-paced shooting. This is where you will meet the most terrible enemy, the tyrannosaur. You did not hear wrong, this is really an impossible battle. But you can conquer it with dozens of modern weapons and your agility. Hundreds of the oldest dinosaurs are present, from small to large, herbivorous to carnivorous. So, you will have the opportunity to admire their great “beauty” and true killer nature. Get ready to run fast because you don’t seem to have much chance to survive when you get lost in the Jura era. This game is not only good but also beautiful thanks to the surreal graphic design. It’s free again here, so download the game and play it now.

Download DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES – Dinosaur hunting expedition

You must have heard a lot about dinosaurs, so what do you think about an expedition to meet this species? DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES will take you there, where the deadliest dinosaurs are waiting for you. There are not many options to survive here, but you can fight to the end to live as long as you can. Choose your weapon, aim, and shoot. This is a fight that you cannot stop because it is fascinating to every second. Face many of the most ancient dinosaurs and explore the great era jungle. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that gamers can only find here, an online shooting and adventure game. You have many quests to complete to expand your adventure. So there’s not much time left to procrastinate.


Surviving in the most ancient primeval times

Different from classic survival games, there are no online enemies waiting for you here. Instead, DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES gives you many times more dangerous dinosaurs and a rich-level system. Your mission is to destroy dinosaurs in each level and unlock the next level, receive rewards and unlock many cool weapons. Each level is literally fierce fighting. So the game is rated 17+ and seems to be suitable only for experienced shooters. But don’t worry, the game operation is quite simple. Just move, aim and shoot the target.

As you unlock new levels, you will face more challenges as the dinosaurs are significantly upgraded. It’s not just a docile stegosaurus, but it could be a killer T.rex or giant-sized species. Each dinosaur has its own unique characteristics. Some species are fast, but small in size, while others are large, but their speed and combat ability are not high. Therefore, depending on the battlefield situation and the type of enemy, you should have appropriate battle plans. Consider timing to attack and defend, and remember to fully reload your gun before engaging in battle.


Discover a variety of weapons and rewards

To gain the edge in this impossible battle, DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES brings you unique heavy weapons. Regarding guns, you will have pistols, rifles, cannons, and flamethrowers… In addition, there will be more advanced weapons such as crossbows, rockets, or bombs and explosives. Each type will have its own advantages to use in battle. But you should consider choosing the right weapon for each different dinosaur species.

Winning will give gamers many valuable things, including bonuses, weapons, and more. Save your bonuses to unlock good weapons or cool gear. Although some items will require you to pay real money, that is no longer a problem when you download the game with the version here.


Realistic and sharp 3D scene

Not only in gameplay, DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES is highly praised for its graphics. It builds the world of the ancient era on the basis of realistic 3D graphics, highlighting mysterious jungles and images of rare dinosaurs. Besides, the movements and effects in the game are also very smooth. Manipulation of aiming, shooting, launching rockets… all make noise, creating a feeling of survival like the real thing.


Therefore, it can be seen that DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES will be an interesting choice for many gamers. It’s not as close as many battle royale games these days, but it’s equally engaging with the typical dinosaur theme and battle for survival. Take on the fiercest challenge in the jungle of old age, full of dangers. Don’t forget to stop anywhere on your journey to discover the breathtaking beauty in a realistic 3D setting. The game is available here to download to your phone.

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