Demolish MOD APK 2.52 (Unlimited Shell, No QC)
Demolish MOD APK 2.52 (Unlimited Shell, No QC)

Demolish MOD APK 2.52 (Unlimited Shell, No QC)

By HN - November 29, 2023 (2 weeks ago)
Name Demolish
Requires Android 4.4+
Publisher VOODOO
Size 99MB
Latest Version 2.52
MOD Features Unlimited Shell, No QC
Category Arcade
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update November 29, 2023 (2 weeks ago )

When it comes to publisher VOODOO. We have to talk about the game that made this developer’s name. That is also the game that I want to introduce to you today. Demolish is gameplay that simulates the demolition of high-rise buildings. When participating in the game you will be playing the role of a worker who studies how to destroy houses and constructions. To make this job easier. You can use the support and help of modern means and machines. It will bring you many advantages, make the work easier. A whole new experience. I’m sure you won’t find a game with such interesting gameplay. It’s not just about destroying tall buildings. There are many interesting things waiting for you to discover.

Download Demolish – Use modern weapons to destroy tall buildings

In real life. Demolition of high-rise buildings, abandoned works is not simple. Architects need to calculate carefully to be able to collapse. However, for Demolish, everything becomes much simpler. Not hydraulic jacks to crash. Not even a house breaker, or an excavator. This gameplay uses modern weapons and technology to attack buildings directly. Destroy everything in just a few shots. Every time you complete a mission. Break the assigned works. You will receive a relatively large amount of money. You can use that money to buy new tools and weapons. It’s easier to destroy bigger, taller buildings. It sounds easy, but the experience is not simple at all. As for the difficulty, please download the gameplay to your device and experience it slowly.

Demolish mod

How to destroy

The gameplay is quite simple, even first-time players can easily access this gameplay. If you have played the game Angry birds before. Then you will notice the similarities in these two games. When you want to destroy buildings. The system has pre-installed missile defenses, bombs, etc. Remote attack weapons already. What you need to do is adjust the direction of the weapon to the right target. Align everything for the best accuracy. So that subsequent shots are as accurate as of the first shots. This operation is repeated many times until the buildings completely collapse. A high-rise building has a structure of 3 main parts. Includes: Foot, middle and top. Calculate which part to shoot to destroy the fastest.

Demolish mod apk

Missile Selection

Missiles are the main weapon for you to destroy buildings. So choosing the right missile to destroy buildings is a very important step. Each project will have its own characteristics and properties. No place is the same. You need to learn, read carefully the information the system provides about those works. At the beginning of the match, you can choose the appropriate weapon to destroy. Each unit will be sold for a separate price. If you don’t have enough money to buy a new one. It’s okay because the system allows you to upgrade weapons to become more powerful. More destructive power. I can name 3 types of missiles in Demolish. Cannon, bomb, nuclear are the 3 types I’m talking about. Choose the right rocket for each challenge.

Demolish mod game

Game difficulty

In the initial levels, you will not feel the difficulty of this gameplay. The original buildings were easy to destroy. With only 1 shot, you can destroy and completely collapse that building. The difficulty is in the back there. When you complete over 10 missions. Buildings will now be equipped with additional protective armor layers. For example A layer of metal, rock, the hardest is diamond. The difficulty does not occur in a cycle at all. Which is completely random. This makes the game more interesting.

Demolish mod apk game ear game for android

Demolish gives players a very unique and new experience. A game that helps us relieve stress, remove all pressure. Is an offline game title. You don’t need to waste data when playing games. Just bring your phone with you. Wherever you are, whenever you are free or feel tired, bored. Please turn on the device and enter this gameplay right away. Download Demolish destroy all buildings, great entertainment.

How to Download & Install Demolish MOD APK 2.52 for Android Latest Version 2023

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