Dead by Daylight MOD APK 5.4.1024 (Menu, Wallhack, FOV)
Dead by Daylight MOD APK 5.4.1024 (Menu, Wallhack, FOV)

Dead by Daylight MOD APK 5.4.1024 (Menu, Wallhack, FOV)

By HN - November 29, 2023 (2 weeks ago)
Name Dead by Daylight
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Behaviour Interactive
Size 1.59GB
Latest Version 5.4.1024
MOD Features Menu, Wallhack, FOV
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Update November 29, 2023 (2 weeks ago )

Not recommended for children because there are horror activities. The game Dead by Daylight opens impressive levels. The game belongs to the genre of strategy games, which is a combination of horror and action elements. The content is inspired by horror movies. The gameplay is played in a 4vs1 style. Revolving around the activities of a ruthless killer. Always search and hunt down the remaining 4 survivors. The scene unfolds in various locations. Each place is a simulated environment in a scary dark space. Make you feel chill in some actions. Besides, this is an offline game. Requires a stable internet connection to the experience. Also must use a mobile device compatible with the version. Because the configuration and capacity of the game are quite heavy.

Download Dead by Daylight – Action Horror Game 4vs1 Style

The story of Dead by Daylight is inspired by horror movies. The gameplay is played in online mode. Will join friends and other players. With the presence of 5 players on the same journey. Get a chance to enjoy scary action jumps. Unexpected moments appear in every corner. Moreover, will enjoy the thrill of playing the killer. Or the fear of being one of the wanted survivors. Together with friends find ways to escape the pursuit of the killer. Be the last man alive to complete the mission. No matter what character you join the game, you will be able to play. You will have to do your job well to be able to demonstrate individual skills.Dead by Daylight

Duties of each role

Dead by Daylight ‘s mission system is very diverse. Designed with depth with rich content. Especially, the system uses a random map generator mechanism. With customized perks for each participating character. Here, play the role of a killer with the task of hunting down survivors. You will have to use the weapon in your hand to attack. Kill all other survivors to complete the mission. Likewise, in the role of a survivor being chased. You will run with the rest from the killer. Perform different activities to hide. Work together to come up with smart strategies. At the same time help to be able to escape together from grisly attacks. Or try not to let the killer find and attack.Download Dead by Daylight

The gameplay is open, the activities take place

The gameplay of Dead by Daylight is played in an open style. Recreate a dark space on a large map. Accordingly, you and other players can move freely. Perform various activities without restrictions. Here, whether participating as a killer or a survivor. You can all interact with your surroundings. Through the appearance of objects, with many different types. At the same time can also interact with other players. Through rescue actions or using objects to attack. For example, in the role of a survivor who is looking for a way to escape. Unfortunately, he stepped on a trap, causing the killer to discover and catch him. Quickly remove trapped traps, which can be used to attack the killer. From there will open the opportunity to escape.Game Dead by Daylight

Various characters

The character system in the Dead by Daylight game is very diverse. Play as a killer with a lot of different characters. They were all inspired by iconic killers in horror movies. Includes Michael Myers, Ghost Face, Pyramid Head, Leatherface, etc. Similarly, in the role of a survivor with many different characters. They are all heroes loved by everyone. For example, Laurie Strode, David Tapp of SAW, Cheryl Mason,… there are others. Each character is designed with an impressive appearance. The difference between them is reflected in many different factors. The killer possesses a terrifying appearance. With a tall body, and using a weapon in his hand. Besides, the survivors looked rather pitiful. Because they are on the run to find a way to survive.Tai Dead by Daylight

There are 3 different types of resources used in Dead by Daylight. They can be used to perform transactional operations. Unlock other items, equipment, and characters. Depending on the type of resource will be used to buy many different types. In it, you can unlock the character with gold coin resources. Or use accumulated items to unlock. It is also possible to upgrade the character to a higher level by using the corresponding items.

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