Day R Premium MOD APK 1.692 (Many Hats, Free Crafting)
Day R Premium MOD APK 1.692 (Many Hats, Free Crafting)

Day R Premium MOD APK 1.692 (Many Hats, Free Crafting)

By TT - November 29, 2023 (2 weeks ago)
Name Day R Premium
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher tltGames
Size 150MB
Latest Version 1.692
MOD Features Many Hats, Free Crafting
Category Role Playing
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update November 29, 2023 (2 weeks ago )

Day R Premium is the most complete survival game ever. It is a place for you to write your own story as you travel through the vast Soviet Union at a time when the country was radioactive by nuclear war. You are one of the last survivors but have lost your memories. Now, you must fight for your life, find a way to rescue others, and work to rebuild the mighty Soviet Union as before. You have to do everything yourself from mining, crafting, building, and fighting. Your enemies are hunger, thirst, zombies, and radiation. They happen every day and come like waves, promising not to let you relax. So how long will you survive?

Download Day R Premium – Survive the radioactive apocalypse

The game takes place in 1885, a time when the radiation war destroyed almost every area of ​​the world. You are a lucky young man who survived crazy explosions and now it’s even harder to survive. Your mission is to survive as long as possible on the huge map of the Soviet Union with thousands of different towns and cities. With this premium version, this game has expanded the map further and added an online mode. Now you can survive with friends, share resources with each other, and strive for coexistence. Moreover, you also have a companion pet instead of being alone like the previous version. In other words, your survival experience is now more refined and real. Get ready for the hardest day of your life here.


Mining and construction are the foundation

To survive in the post-apocalyptic environment, you must be brave and strong. First of all, you need to find something to relieve the hunger that has been coming to you for a long time. You also need to find a shelter to avoid mutant animals and zombies – the consequences of nuclear war. But those are only temporary things. To survive as long as possible, you need to actively mine resources to build a safe haven. you can find wood, metal and many other useful things in the surroundings. Store them in your inventory and use them for construction and crafting.

Shelters cannot be completed within the first few days. You have to go through a series of days of upgrading for it to gradually become a place worth living. Besides, you always need to learn different skills from crafting to forging, making potions, and more. Necessary tools such as axes, hammers, and guns are indispensable for construction, mining, and combat. Moreover, you need first aid boxes and special medicines to heal wounds after battles. In this game, even the mouse can hurt you. In addition, clothing, transport, armor, and more are all useful for your construction journey. Craft more to increase the survival rate.


Fight and adventure in every region

In this context, wars are inevitable. You must always be ready with weapons and a strong spirit to face dozens of enemies in Day R Premium. It can be mutant creatures, zombies, and even other beings. They will make it difficult for you because they crave raw meat or resources you own. The battles in this game play out in a very unique way. You will move on a paper map and reach the enemy by going through the squares. You need to be ready with weapons, maybe bows, guns, and ammunition. By killing enemies, you can go further to many places on the map.

Besides, the journey of survival here is also an unending adventure. You will meet many other characters and you can communicate with them. Characters often give you unique quests to earn bonuses and items. Quests will lead you to many places, encounter many enemies and expand your limits to infinity. With the vast map of the Soviet Union at that time, you will find your feet tired when adventuring. There are thousands of villages, cities, towns, and more.


Realistic and creative graphics

The game clearly depicts the desolate and dark background of the Soviet Union after the nuclear war. From there, it raised the fighting spirit of the remaining survivors. The images of houses, vehicles, guns, and more are all very well depicted. The character image is also very realistic and the combat effects are equally vivid. Information is displayed intuitively on the screen, giving you easy access to tasks.


Because of the above, Day R Premium is a survival game that you should not miss. Where this survival journey will go is for you to decide. Make a perfect plan to survive in the midst of many difficulties from hunger to enemies and more. You can cross every area and become the lead for the rest of the survivors. Write such a glorious story here.

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