CyberSphere: Tps Online Action MOD APK 3.12.64 (Unlock All)
CyberSphere: Tps Online Action MOD APK 3.12.64 (Unlock All)

CyberSphere: Tps Online Action MOD APK 3.12.64 (Unlock All)

By HN - April 23, 2023 (7 months ago)
Name CyberSphere: Tps Online Action
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Kisunja - Fun Shooting Games
Size 69MB
Latest Version 3.12.64
MOD Features Unlock All
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update April 23, 2023 (7 months ago )

Ready to participate in online shooting wars CyberSphere: Tps Online Action. Unlock different game modes to challenge your skills. Follow the story of the game to go on a mission against the robot robots. Accordingly, will have to accompany friends and other players against enemies controlled by AI. Through the action shooting gameplay takes place on many different battlefields. More specifically, there will be the opportunity to use many modern guns with a futuristic style. From there change a variety of attacks to destroy dangerous enemies. The goal is to wipe out all the robots so that they can win and complete the assigned task.

Download CyberSphere: Tps Online Action – Fight Alien Enemies Invading the World

The setting unfolds in a fantasy world about an invasion 54 years ago. A special force leads an army of robots to attack humanity. After only a week, it was possible to destroy the entire defense line of the units protecting the world. But they did not surrender and still fought tenaciously. Based on fierce skirmishes between human and robot forces. Since then, the enemy’s attack method has been studied. Take advantage of that to continue the fight against invasion from alien enemies. People have gradually changed the situation compared to the beginning. At the same time, it also takes advantage of advanced technology in space to create weapons and armor. Help soldiers strengthen their ability to be able to stop.CyberSphere- Tps Online Action

More than 16 enemies

Enemy forces invade the world controlled by AI. With over 16 different types of enemies approaching. Examples include robots, vehicles, spheres, aliens, and many more. Each enemy has a unique appearance and is shaped in its own way. Expressed through size, shape, and ability to move. The difference between the enemies is also reflected in the ability to fight. Some types are equipped with melee weapons, so they will rush at a fast speed to attack. Or some enemies fire laser beams to deal damage from a distance. Moreover, he also had to face a boss with a huge size. At the same time, the outstanding combat ability makes defending units difficult.Game CyberSphere- Tps Online Action

Survival mode

Perform missions in the survival mode of CyberSphere: Tps Online Action. Become a unit of the force that protects the world. Use the equipped gun to perform the attack action. Resist invasions from alien robots to your last breath. Accordingly, you will have to shoot down enemies and destroy as many as possible. To survive will have to show offensive skills, and combine experience to deploy an effective strategy. Aim to shoot down multiple enemies and stop them from attacking.

Defense mode

Go to defense mode to defend the base from enemy attacks. You will have to stop the incoming waves of robots. Through shooting to destroy, reduce the force that weakens the ability to invade. According to the rules opens in defense mode. It is necessary to stop all waves of invaders until all are destroyed. From there will win to complete the assigned task. At the same time have the opportunity to receive attractive rewards.Tai CyberSphere- Tps Online Action

Attack mode

Besides being defensive, it is possible to come up with an offensive mode to actively deter invaders. Accordingly, you will have to be alone, without support from teammates. The goal is to reach the mother ship of robots and robots. Destroy all equipment and destroy enemies on the way. At the same time protect your own spaceship, not be destroyed. Through that will have to deploy strategies with teammates, and coordinate with each other to perform the task in the best way.

Online multiplayer modes

The game also has many other online modes for you to join with real players. Includes Team Assault, Deathmatch, and Team Deathmatch. Each mode opens up fierce battles according to its own gameplay. Come to Team Assault mode to join the team members to perform offensive action. But instead of fighting robots and robots, here will compete with the opposing team. With the participation of up to 8 people are divided into 2 factions. Or join the Deathmatch mode for a life-and-death battle. Fight all the enemies to be able to survive, being the last one alive will win.Download CyberSphere- Tps Online Action

The game CyberSphere: Tps Online Action offers more than 30 weapons. They are divided into 4 groups including main weapons, secondary weapons, energy weapons and melee weapons. Each category has many different choices to explore. In addition, many other items can be equipped. Examples include assistive devices, camouflage, and costumes. Depending on your play style can be customized to create unique combinations.

How to Download & Install CyberSphere: Tps Online Action MOD APK 3.12.64 for Android Latest Version 2023

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