Crashlands MOD APK 100.0.93 (Get Item X2)
Crashlands MOD APK 100.0.93 (Get Item X2)

Crashlands MOD APK 100.0.93 (Get Item X2)

By HN - October 9, 2022 (1 year ago)
Name Crashlands: Story-driven Crafting ARPG
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Butterscotch Shenanigans
Size 97MB
Latest Version 100.0.93
MOD Features Get Item X2
Category Adventure
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update October 9, 2022 (1 year ago )

Adventure in the vast world of Crashlands game. Explore content with a quirky story. The plot revolves around the story told in the introduction. Your mission is to survive on the planet Woanope. With a series of difficult challenges waiting ahead. Hundreds of quests need to be done in order to survive. Get a chance to learn about the environment and terrain on this alien planet. Through the migration process to find resources. At the same time, it will be impossible to avoid dramatic battles. Facing dangerous monsters. In addition, the system provides a diverse manufacturing list. From the use of collected items. Furthermore, to recreate a unique environment. Bring a whole new experience. The graphics have been designed very differently.

Download Crashlands – Survival on the Harsh Woanope Planet

Retell the plot of the adventure game Crashlands. The story revolves around the character Flux Dabes who is a galactic truck driver. Specializes in transporting goods across different planets. A consignment is transported as in previous times. An unexpected threat from an alien named Hewgoodoko. Leaving the main character stranded on an alien planet, named Woanope. In the process of recovering the stolen goods. Flux Dabes is entangled in a conspiracy to dominate the nefarious world of the planet. This has brought dangers and countless difficult challenges. Role play as the main character of the game. You will have to build a life of your own on the planet Woanope. Learn the ancient secrets and the history of formation. As well as facing fearsome monster bosses.Crashlands

Tasks to perform

Based on the open gameplay of Crashlands. With quests and challenges revolving around the plot. Play as the character Flux Dabes to start the adventure. You need to get used to a completely different life on the planet Woanope. Move around in search of resources. As well as explore the vast environment to collect items. Through it will learn about unknown stories. Get a chance to meet friends who grew up and lived on this planet. As time goes on, develop yourself to become a person of power. It is possible to build a house of your own as a shelter. Craft a variety of equipment to enhance your abilities against fearsome enemies. They are not only ordinary monsters but also evil bosses.Game Crashlands

More than 500 crafting recipes

To bring a fascinating adventure in Crashlands. The publisher provides more than 500 different crafting recipes. Through exploring the vast world on the planet Woanope. You can collect a lot of rare resources. They are the raw materials to perform manufacturing activities. Each recipe will require the corresponding amount and type of resource. That will help you own different types of equipment. Including services for the mining. Or offensive weapons, or defensive items. Use to enhance the character’s fighting ability. Can resist fierce attacks from enemies to survive. Especially, during survival activities. You need to manage your own tools and equipment. Use them in accordance with each purpose for better results.Download Crashlands

Use skills, strength

Win battles with enemies. Defeat them to survive in the world of Crashlands. Flexibility is required. With a combination of many factors. Use your intelligence to observe the situation. Come up with the right strategy, and deploy the attack. Combine agility to handle fierce and dangerous attacks. Develop your character’s strength to attack more. Utilities can be used to enhance combat abilities. Ignite enemies with deadly flames. Stun them for more time, dealing more damage. There are many other types of power to use in battle. According to the survival time on the planet. You need to constantly improve your personal skills. At the same time equip items with high attributes, increasing strength.Crashlands

On the vast Woanope planet in Crashlands. There are four races and three continents. To be able to survive on a harsh planet. Resist tough environmental challenges. As well as protect yourself against enemy attacks. In addition to developing your own strength. Need to build a base of their own. From there, make a shelter every time you rest. Here, the game provides a variety of materials to build houses. They are divided into different categories for you to use. Depending on the design, as well as the resources collected. Can be crafted to build a solid house.

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