Combat Shooter MOD APK 3.7 (Menu, Immortal, Onehit)
Combat Shooter MOD APK 3.7 (Menu, Immortal, Onehit)

Combat Shooter MOD APK 3.7 (Menu, Immortal, Onehit)

By HN - January 5, 2023 (11 months ago)
Name Combat Shooter: Critical Gun Shoot Strike 2020
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Game Blinders
Size 92MB
Latest Version 3.7
MOD Features Menu, Immortal, Onehit
Category Adventure
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Price FREE
Update January 5, 2023 (11 months ago )

Combat Shooter is built based on the shooting theme. Take place extremely attractive battles on the front lines. In the role of a commando soldier, has undergone challenging training courses. You are assigned a very important task. It is to rescue the hostages being held. Simultaneously destroy enemy forces in battles on the vast arena. The game is played in offline mode. Revolving around counter-terrorism operations. Designed by the developer with a lot of unique features. From the diverse enemy system, there are many targets to attack. To unique guns, used to make combat tools. The gameplay follows a storyline. Recreated graphics on the 3D platform, realistic image quality.

Download Combat Shooter – Fight Against Terrorists to Rescue Hostage

Based on the story mode of the game Combat Shooter. Revolving around the counter-terrorist mission to rescue the hostages. The shooting war takes place in a large arena. With open gameplay, you can move freely. As well as deploying strategies to attack in your own style. Kill each enemy in turn to end the battle. Complete the requested task with excellent achievement. You will then receive a bonus based on your achievements. Continue to engage in a battle to start a new quest. The required condition will change. As the difficulty will increase gradually, face more difficult challenges. Not only the number of enemies is greater than before. They are also equipped with advanced weapon systems. Richer combat experience.Game Combat Shooter

The process of performing the task

Combat Shooter ‘s mission system is very diverse. Each battle takes place with a different task, which needs to be done. For example against large numbers of terrorists in real-time. Destroy them to collect enough military tools. Or simply survive the onslaught of enemies. Safely survive until time runs out. In the course of the battle to perform the task. After killing the enemy, they will drop weapons or support items. Quickly move to pick up to use. You can fight in many different styles. By changing guns to diversify the way of attack. At the same time, it is possible to use melee weapons such as knives, with the advantage of flexible attacks at close range.Combat Shooter

Skills are very important

For shooting games in general, Combat Shooter game in particular. Skill is the most important factor, directly determining the outcome of the battle. Therefore, you need to improve your skills and gain experience over time. To fight dangerous terrorists, prevent fierce attacks from them. It is necessary to combine many different skills. In addition to the ability to quickly observe to detect enemy positions. Flexible reflexes to handle dangerous situations. Also need shooting skills to be very accurate. As soon as the enemy appears in range. Quickly fire bullets to destroy. Besides, use grenades to support the attack, create an explosion. Or use the first aid box to heal when needed, increasing the survival rate.Download Combat Shooter

Against many enemies

Play as a commando to perform missions in the wars of Combat Shooter. You will face a lot of different challenges. In addition, terrorists are equipped with advanced weapons and impressive attack styles. For example, using a knife with the ability to attack melee. Or use sniper rifles, rifles for long-range attacks. It also has to fight the drones. Military tank with outstanding defense. Even will be attacked by suicide bombers. Each type of enemy will have its own way of handling it. For example to destroy planes flying in the sky. Need to use a sniper rifle to aim and shoot accurately. Or suicide bombers, destroy them before the bomb explodes.Tai Combat Shooter

Combat Shooter ‘s weapon system is extremely diverse. With a lot of different guns waiting for you to discover. They are upgradeable once owned. By using accumulated bonuses to enhance abilities. There are a number of guns such as Ak47, M4A1, sniper rifles, and modern rifles. There are many other types of guns, each with its own attack style. Each gun is possessed outstanding power parameters. From firing range, ammo count, load time, and damage. Through a thorough study of the characteristics and features of each gun. You will be highly effective in the battle against the terrorists.

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