Car Race 3D MOD APK 1.162 (Free Rewards)
Car Race 3D MOD APK 1.162 (Free Rewards)

Car Race 3D MOD APK 1.162 (Free Rewards)

By HN - November 26, 2023 (3 days ago)
Name Car Race 3D: Car Racing
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Zego Studio
Size 117MB
Latest Version 1.162
MOD Features Free Rewards
Category Racing
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update November 26, 2023 (3 days ago )

Challenge a racer’s skills in the game Car Race 3D of LMHAPK. Control your vehicle through a third-person perspective. Constantly increase speed to move forward, while competing with other racing cars. The goal is to overcome everything to reach the finish line in the leading position. From there, win and receive bonuses corresponding to achievements. This game is built with simple content but gives everyone an interesting experience. Based on 3D graphics to recreate the racing environment in many locations. Along with that is the combination of authentic sound quality. Brings a feeling of excitement and fun during racing. Furthermore, the game is also designed by the developer with a simple operating mechanism.

Download Car Race 3D – Speed ​​Races to Find the Champion

Enjoy the exciting racing gameplay of Car Race 3D. From a third perspective operate the vehicle on the road. Your mission is to compete with other racers to find the winner. Through a simple control mechanism, only one finger is needed to perform. Touch operation to direct the vehicle’s movement. From there, avoid obstacles such as other racing cars and curb dividers. Here, control skills will be required to be able to overcome the winding roads. Along with obstacles that hinder operations. The goal is to conquer all challenges to drive to the finish line in the leading position. From there, become a champion and receive valuable rewards.Car Race 3D MOD

There are 33 levels

Based on the content of the game Car Race 3D. Open races at each level, with 33 different challenges. In each level, there is a speed race between you and many other opponents. They are all racers automatically controlled by AI. Accordingly, you will have to drive to accelerate and dodge to take the lead. The goal is to be the first-place finisher to win. After that, you will receive a bonus to accumulate. Based on achievements, shown through ranking and difficulty of participation level. From there you will receive a bonus in the corresponding amount.Game Car Race 3D MOD

Difficulty increases with many changes

After participating in the race in the next level of Car Race 3D. The difficulty will increase with many changes, thereby challenging your driving skills. Still revolves around competing with other means. But their operation has improved significantly compared to before. As well as the rugged terrain with twists and turns. In particular, opponents are smarter and may cause impacts to affect your operations. At the same time, the distance from the starting line to the finish line is also longer than before. This will make it difficult for you to win. Will even have to finish last and not be able to complete the racing level.Download Car Race 3D MOD

Tips during racing

The racing process of Car Race 3D. You need to improve your skills and constantly gain experience. Sometimes the vehicle’s performance may be worse than its competitors. But that doesn’t mean you will have to admit defeat. Because you can race and take advantage of some tips to achieve your goal. For example, right after starting, you can increase your maximum speed to get ahead. Then if an opponent wants to pass, quickly drive in front of them. Even causing impact to prevent opponents from overcoming. That way you can maintain your ranking to get to the finish line.

There are 7 racing locations

Car Race 3D’s speed races are held in 7 different locations. Including on the racetrack, in the desert, on the ocean, in the mountains, in the snow and ice, and more. Each location recreates the environment in its own way. The difference can be seen in the surrounding landscape. At the same time, the roads are designed in the form of 360-degree slopes and tunnels. Combined with the vibrancy of 14 different types of neon lights, it will make it even more outstanding.Car Race 3D MOD APK

Currently, Car Race 3D has 7 different racing car models. They are designed in a classic style. With differences expressed through styling, paint color, taillights, and wall assembly parts. The performance of each vehicle is not the same. Details can be found in the technical specifications. Through races, use the accumulated bonuses. New racing cars can be purchased to operate. At the same time, after owning them, you can upgrade them. By improving movement speed, acceleration, and control. Furthermore, the game also allows changing the default paint color of the car to create a difference.

How to Download & Install Car Race 3D: Car Racing MOD APK 1.162 for Android Latest Version 2023

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