Captain Tsubasa ZERO MOD APK 3.0.0 (Menu, Weak Enemies, High Stats)
Captain Tsubasa ZERO MOD APK 3.0.0 (Menu, Weak Enemies, High Stats)

Captain Tsubasa ZERO MOD APK 3.0.0 (Menu, Weak Enemies, High Stats)

By TT - June 19, 2023 (5 months ago)
Name Captain Tsubasa ZERO
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher GMO GP, Inc.
Size 84MB
Latest Version 3.0.0
MOD Features Menu, Weak Enemies, High Stats
Category Sport
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Price FREE
Update June 19, 2023 (5 months ago )

Captain Tsubasa ZERO is a football game modeled on the famous anime movie of the same name. It takes the essence of the original movie and brings you sports classics. Your task is to create your dream team from player cards, in which Tsubasa is the captain of the team. The characters are taken from the original movie and use the same voice actors as the Japanese anime. There’s nothing better than seeing them on the field, dribbling, passing, and scoring. Each match will bring you more inspiration. But what happens off the field is also very interesting. You can redesign the squad, train the players, design the shirt and personalize the team to your liking. Constantly upgrade your players to a high level of play and use them to fulfill your desire to win.

Download Captain Tsubasa ZERO – Simulate soccer gameplay with anime design

If you are a fan of the Captain Tsubasa anime series, perhaps this game is for you. There have been many games exploited in this movie, but it seems that Captain Tsubasa ZERO is the best. It brings the breath of football gameplay into this sports game and depicts it vividly with the anime design. It is rated closest to the original film, but also contains many new improvements. Football with familiar rules, images of players in many roles, and training modes … are all very realistic. You will have classic matches with your dream team. Form a squad with 11 players in a variety of exciting strategies, try your hand at tournaments and aim for the championship of the year. Is this the best of football?


Set up your dream team

Although somewhat in the direction of the simulation genre, this game mainly emphasizes the strategy element. It focuses on what happens before and during the game, allowing you to be both a coach and a player on the pitch. Before the match, your task is to set up a squad of the 11 brightest players to play. You can choose Auto-Build mode to get hints from the game. But the best, come to Formation mode, where you have full control over your team. You can select player cards, then place them on the field map. Show your strategy through a layout diagram. A 5-4-2 or 4-4-3 strategy and more are useful if it really works and suits your players.

During the match, the players can automatically dribble, pass and score. Your job is to enjoy the most dramatic moments and especially the victory celebration. However, you can also influence the game through a number of decisions. You can click players and deploy their special skills to your advantage. This will help you control the ball on the field and get the most out of each player. Use a variety of techniques to tilt the game in your team’s favor.


Unlock and upgrade famous players

The player system in Captain Tsubasa ZERO is inspired by the original anime movie. So you will recognize the familiarity in the image and also the skills of each player. Each player will have stats with different values, such as Offense, Defense, Kick, Speed, Technique, and Stamina. These stats determine the level of players, but you can upgrade them to improve them. In addition, each player will be evaluated according to two criteria, the number of stars (up to 5) and the number of levels (usually up to 60 levels).

In addition to the hours on the field, you can organize training sessions to help improve the abilities of the players. You will need to focus on factors such as Skills, Support, and more to both upgrade the level and ability to combine with teammates of each player when on the field. Every factor is important because it affects the effectiveness of the strategy. If a certain player is so great that he can’t combine with the others, it’s actually a pretty bad thing. Sometimes, you just need a mid-term talent that best fits the team’s strategy.


Vivid anime design

Similar to the original movie, the visuals in the game are designed in anime style. The characters appear crisp and vivid with unique, cute appearances and interesting expressions. Their every movement on the football field is also very smooth. The cheers, passing, and kicking effects are as realistic as the cutscenes in the movie.


Therefore, we believe that Captain Tsubasa ZERO is an attractive sports game. It may become your favorite choice in the near future. Especially, if you are a fan of the original anime game, it attracts you even more. The classic football matches, or the training mode, the player system… are really worth exploring.

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