Buddy Toss MOD APK 1.5.5 (Unlimited stars)
Buddy Toss MOD APK 1.5.5 (Unlimited stars)

Buddy Toss MOD APK 1.5.5 (Unlimited stars)

By HN - November 30, 2023 (3 days ago)
Name Buddy Toss
Requires Android 4.4
Size 56MB
Latest Version 1.5.5
MOD Features Unlimited stars
Category Casual
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Price FREE
Update November 30, 2023 (3 days ago )

Buddy Toss is a Casual entertaining game. Open up interesting levels, revolving around the theme of juggling. With simple gameplay, not too fussy. But it gives players a relaxing experience. Along with the enjoyment and fun throughout the game. The game is built by the developer BIGDOG GAMES. Promises to bring unforgettable fun experiences. With a wide range of features on offer. Have the opportunity to explore the vast universe, recreated in the style of cartoon graphics. Along with a diverse character system, a lot of different throwers for you to learn. Along with that, throughout the playing process, there will be a combination of funny sound effects.

Download Buddy Toss – Toss Youth Into The Sky To Reach Infinite Heights

The gameplay of Buddy Toss takes place in a juggling style. Here, play the role of a character with muscular strength. With a muscular body, possessing endless throwing ability. Your mission is to toss a young man into the sky with arm strength. After the young man fell freely to the ground. You need to be precise, take advantage of that thrust to continue to toss the youth into the sky. The goal of each bounce will be to reach a higher height than the previous one. After starting, the game screen will only stop when the young man falls to the ground. This means you cannot continue the quest. Then, based on the maximum height gained from tossing the young man into the sky. You will receive the corresponding reward, which is a gold star.Buddy Toss

Skill, surpassing his own record

During the juggling stages of Buddy Toss. You can toss the young man into the sky with unlimited heights. However, flexibility is required. Quick observation to judge the exact moment he fell to the ground. Combining control skills, and accurate support, quickly toss the young man into the sky. After each pass of the height, you reached previously. Achievement points will be increased. Through that will receive a large number of gold stars after the game ends. Moreover, go through different levels, with difficult challenges. Achieve outstanding achievements from conquering your own records. From there, you will have the opportunity to enter your name on the leaderboard.Game Buddy Toss

Explore the vast environment

Experiencing juggling levels in the game Buddy Toss. You also have the opportunity to explore the vast universe. See the beautiful scenery of the universe with the appearance of many different planets and stars. However, in the early stages of juggling levels. The character’s toss force cannot be overwhelmingly strong. It will be necessary to rely on the force of the young man’s free fall. The height achieved at this time will help you see tall buildings and trees. Take turns tossing to reach a higher height than before. Then you will see the starry sky outside the universe. The planets are smiling, such as the sun, moon, Mars, Saturn, etc. Based on the infinite achievable altitude, you will have the opportunity to observe the beautiful cosmic environment.Download Buddy Toss

Diverse character system

Based on the number of gold stars received after finishing the levels in Buddy Toss. You can use it to unlock new characters. The game offers a diverse character system, they are all muscular and muscular. With the role of tossing and supporting the young man. When you first join the game, you will become a big gym guy. After a period of time accumulate gold stars. The authoritarian scientist character can be unlocked. You can even unlock muscular animals like dogs and gorillas. Each character is designed with an impressive appearance. The interface is built in its own unique style. After unlocking your favorite character toss. Gold stars can continue to be used to upgrade and increase their abilities.Ear Buddy Toss

To recreate an interesting entertainment space of the game Buddy Toss. The publisher has designed vivid graphics. Image quality is depicted with bright colors. Especially the change in the environment based on the altitude achieved. The scene will be changed every time you throw the young man into the sky. This increases the experience, of being able to observe diverse environments. At the same time, the graphics are built-in cartoon style. Make you feel comfortable playing, and relaxing. Incorporate a fun sound system. It is expressed through the screams of the young man every time he is bounced or dropped to the ground.

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