Hack Blox Fruit 19 MOD APK {{version}} (Menu, Client Fluxus, Delta X, Auto Farm, Boss)
Hack Blox Fruit 19 MOD APK {{version}} (Menu, Client Fluxus, Delta X, Auto Farm, Boss)

Hack Blox Fruit 19 MOD APK {{version}} (Menu, Client Fluxus, Delta X, Auto Farm, Boss)

By HN - November 29, 2023 (56 mins ago)
Name Blox Fruit
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Roblox
Size 126MB
MOD Features Menu, Client Fluxus, Delta X, Auto Farm, Boss
Category Adventure
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update November 29, 2023 (56 mins ago )

Get ready to join the adventure in Blox Fruit. This is a subtitle of the Roblox game. The content revolves around the journey to find the treasure of the pirates. The game is inspired by the famous anime movie One Piece. With a bunch of different characters from the movie for you to explore. As well as the diverse equipment system of the characters can be unlocked. More specifically, there are a lot of Devil Fruits to use for your favorite characters. Accordingly will enter the adventure on the seas. Face off against countless dangerous enemies and fend off a pursuing navy force. Accordingly, you will have the opportunity to explore the vast world through many seas. Bring you an exciting journey.

Download Blox Fruit 19 – Adventure Through Islands To Explore The Ocean

Before starting the game will choose one of the two forces holding the world. It is the pirate faction and the navy, each faction will have to perform different tasks. Accordingly, you can become a righteous hero at sea. Intervene in battles between pirates. Or fight them to ensure security, and keep the islands safe. On the contrary, if you choose to become a pirate, you will not only be chased by the navy. But also have to participate in treasure wars with other pirate crews. Depending on your playstyle, you can decide to choose the desired faction. Then start the quest to discover the secrets that are being hidden on the seas.Blox fruit

Quest and reward system

Become a character that you love in the One Piece anime series provided by the game. Start the adventure on the islands in the ocean. Each island will have to perform different tasks, and the system will give a specific way. For example, fight with a group of pirates who are stealing people’s resources, and defeat them to complete the mission. Or buy items and equipment as specified. Moreover, you have to fight with sea monsters to survive. Even face the notorious pirates and fight the navy. Many other missions will open up after each time on a new island.

The rewards that are received after completing a quest are gold coins and experience points. Based on the difficulty of the task and the achievement achieved. From there, you will receive the corresponding amount of money to accumulate, which can be used for transactions. At the same time, when the experience is received until the conditions are met, the character will increase to a new level.Game Blox fruit

Journey by story

The process of adventure on the ocean in Blox fruit. The quests that take place will follow a seamless story. Start sailing from a small island, after getting on a boat to head out to the big sea. Accordingly, there will be opportunities to explore unknown islands. At the same time collect a lot of resources to strengthen your own strength. As well as changing the appearance and appearance with the types of equipment collected. But at the same time, the difficulty will increase with increasing challenges. Requires your ability to overcome all, from there has the opportunity to explore the vast ocean.Tai Blox fruit

The characters

The character system in the game is inspired by the famous One Piece movie. These include swordsman Zoro, straw hat Luffy, chef Sanji, and other members of the crew. Not only that, there are many other characters, they are all pirates and marines. Starting from a swordsman to enter the journey, later will have the opportunity to explore the characters through the islands. At the same time, you have the opportunity to choose to play your favorite character.

Many Devil Fruits

Through the journey will have the opportunity to discover many different Devil Fruits. They are presented as items, but need to be unlocked to use them. Examples are fireballs, ice balls, shadow balls, sand balls, rubber balls, and diamonds. These are examples of some of the items listed, with many more to be discovered as you enter the game. Each Devil Fruit will bring a special ability after use. Expressed through attributes will help you create great power to fight enemies.Download Blox fruit

The game Blox fruit 18 also provides a diverse weapon system. With many different types to equip the character, thereby changing the attack style. As well as dealing massive amounts of damage in fierce battles. For example, the shadow scythe, the cursed twin swords, the Bisento greatsword, the Rengoku sword,… and many more. Each weapon is designed with a unique shape. At the same time its stats, and when equipped will increase the character’s ability.

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