Block City Wars MOD APK 7.3.0 (Immortality, Speed, High Jump, Damage)
Block City Wars MOD APK 7.3.0 (Immortality, Speed, High Jump, Damage)

Block City Wars MOD APK 7.3.0 (Immortality, Speed, High Jump, Damage)

By TT - July 1, 2023 (5 months ago)
Name Block City Wars
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher D-Games Apps
Size 51MB
Latest Version 7.3.0
MOD Features Immortality, Speed, High Jump, Damage
Category Arcade
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update July 1, 2023 (5 months ago )

Block City Wars can be seen as a GTA version with Minecraft graphic design. It offers a large open world that allows you and many players to join together. There are dozens of modes with interesting rules for you to explore and act on your own. Like GTA, the game encourages you to play like a real gangster. You can do what you like from shooting, racing, looting, fighting, and more. There are hundreds of weapons and vehicles available to support your actions. You can take advantage of them to confront other players or even zombies in the modern city. Do not hesitate to experience it all and adventure to admire the city with pixel design. Many interesting things are waiting for you here.

Download Block City Wars – Role playing and free action in the open world

Although a version inspired by the GTA series, Block City Wars has many new and innovative points of its own. Instead of realistic 3D graphic design, it offers an inspiring classic pixel style. With this design, the game creates a friendly and close feeling for all players. Moreover, it still keeps the free and liberal role-playing gameplay like GTA, so you can approach it easily. Your mission in the game is to explore the open world and complete missions about gangsters, criminal gangs, mafia, and police. There will be a bunch of interesting things around these quests. And you will have epic battles with worthy opponents.


Lots of unique missions and modes

So far, the game has 13 typical modes and allows many players to participate. Specifically, it includes Team Deathmatch mode, Free PvP Fight, Street Race, Tank Battles, Infection Zombie, and more. As a result, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of interesting missions from combat to racing, shooting, tank driving, and survival in the zombie world… The game has everything you need for an entry game. online role. To fully enjoy this experience, you should practice mastering the controls in the game. It is quite simple, only includes moving the character with the joystick. At the same time, you only need to click the icons on the screen to act, drive, shoot, and more.

By completing missions, you can get bonuses and ranking points. But it is not easy to conquer every challenge because the difficulty of the game will increase gradually as your level progresses. You will have the opportunity to meet and confront mafia bosses in gunfights or top racers on the track. Besides, when you act outside the law, the police always follow and chase you. So no matter what mode you are in, you always need to pay attention to the wanted level to escape the police. How long will you survive? Survival time is always the goal of every gamer.


Weapon systems and vehicles

Currently, Block City Wars provides more than 50 vehicles from sports cars to motorcycles, military helicopters, tanks, jets, and more. Each type of vehicle has its own advantages to assist you in campaigns from small to large. For example, racing cars are the best choice to enjoy the race. While tanks will help you destroy all enemy vehicles and planes will help you escape easily from the police. Vehicles can be scattered on the map and you have the right to rob them from the owner. But you can also use bonuses to unlock powerful cars in the shop.

Besides, you can find there to more than 100 weapon units. It includes many types, but guns are typical. Firearms include pistols, pistols, Ak47s, rifles, Katana, and many more. You need to upgrade guns regularly to improve their speed and damage, thereby gaining an advantage in every confrontation. With better power-ups you can level up and unlock more missions. It’s a chance to hunt for bonuses, unlock new areas and establish your position on the open map.


Stunning and creative pixel graphics

The game will delight you with its creative graphic style. It is designed in the classic and friendly Minecraft style. Character images and backgrounds are built from square blocks. But all are detailed and realistic, highlighting the beautiful open world in the third person. Besides, the effects of shooting, collision when racing or bomb explosions are very eye-catching. The fights and adventures here can really captivate you for hours.

All in all, Block City Wars is a great role-playing game. It is a multiplayer online battle arena with a series of exciting gangster and crime missions. Get ready to play as a gangster in a blocky appearance, fight and establish your position in the crime city. You can fight, survive, adventure, drive and do many other things at your disposal.

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