Big Bang Racing MOD APK 3.7.2 (Unlimited Money)
Big Bang Racing MOD APK 3.7.2 (Unlimited Money)

Big Bang Racing MOD APK 3.7.2 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - November 29, 2023 (5 hours ago)
Name Big Bang Racing
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Traplight Ltd.
Size 83MB
Latest Version 3.7.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Racing
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update November 29, 2023 (5 hours ago )

Inspired by off-road racing. The developer Traplight Ltd offers everyone to play the Big Bang Racing game. The game is designed in a cartoon style. From character creation to the design of racing cars. Everything is reproduced extremely unique and vivid. More specifically, you will have the opportunity to explore many different racing maps. You can even get creative to design the track as you want. Besides, so that every player can have the most enjoyable experience. Easily control the performance of the racing car during operation. The control mechanism has been designed to be simple, using virtual arrows. Promising to open extremely attractive animated car races. Help you have funny entertainment moments.

Download Big Bang Racing – Cartoon Racing Conquering Challenging Terrain

The car races in Big Bang Racing are held according to levels. Each level of play opens a race. Play as a cartoon character in the game. Control a racing car to start the mission. Your goal is to overcome all difficult and complex terrain ahead. Collect all 3 puzzle pieces to finish the race. From there will complete the mission on a level. The rewards received will correspond to the achievements you try to achieve during the obstacle course. You can then proceed to the next level. The difficulty of each race will increase gradually. Not only the terrain is changed, causing many difficulties during driving. The position of the puzzle pieces is also changed. In particular, the distance to travel will be longer than before.Game Big Bang Racing

Collect coins

In addition to the pieces that need to be collected to complete the mission of Big Bang Racing. Don’t miss the coins. They appear throughout the course of the race. Scattered on complicated roads. During a race, you can collect two different types of coins. Includes gold coins and orange coins. Each currency is used for trading activities. Go through the races according to the playing levels. You will accumulate a large amount of money. It can then be used to unlock new racing cars. Or upgrade them to increase performance. Moreover, the game has a rarer currency. Those are purple diamonds, which can be obtained from receiving rewards. Or you need to use real money to convert to the number of purple diamonds.Tai Big Bang Racing

Online competition

Besides the level-based races of the Big Bang Racing game. You can also participate in online competitive races. Compete against friends or other players, via Teams mode. Here, the racers will compete for their driving skills on the track with complex terrain. The goal is to find a winner, by reaching the finish line with the lead. To win against the remaining opponents. Your skill requirements must be improved and constantly improved. Observe the difficult terrain ahead, and drive safely. In particular, must keep balance every time the vehicle is pushed into the air. Then land safely to be able to continue the journey. Conquer each difficult terrain in turn, reaching the finish line first will win.Download Big Bang Racing

Race track design

Experiencing previous races, accumulate puzzle pieces. You can use them to design your own racing track. Big Bang Racing does not limit personal creativity. It is possible to create a race track with different challenges. Rough terrain, with high complexity, creates difficulty for the rider. For example, creating winding roads, and transition space to enter a new track. Add obstacles in the shape of dragons. To enhance creativity, design unique racing tracks. You can observe and get inspiration from many races you have experienced before. After completing the desired track. Share with friends and compete with them to test your creativity.Big Bang Racing

Big Bang Racing allows you to customize cartoon characters. The helmet equipment with many different types. Typical are cowboy hats, caps, helmets, hats shaped like the heads of some animals, etc. Over time, the experience gets longer and longer. You will have the opportunity to unlock much new equipment to change the appearance of the character. Besides, it is also possible to upgrade racing cars. By changing parts to increase performance. For example, wheels, street lights, unique exterior skins, etc. Customizing racing car parts not only achieves high efficiency in the process of overcoming obstacles. But it also increases the prominence against other competitors.

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