Battle Islands MOD APK 5.4 (Unlimited Money, troops)
Battle Islands MOD APK 5.4 (Unlimited Money, troops)

Battle Islands MOD APK 5.4 (Unlimited Money, troops)

By TT - December 5, 2022 (12 months ago)
Name Battle Islands
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher 505 Games Srl
Size 77MB
Latest Version 5.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money, troops
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Update December 5, 2022 (12 months ago )

Battle Islands is a strategy game inspired by the second world war. It will challenge your army command and management talent in combat missions across the field, in the air, on land, and at sea. Your job is to coordinate different combat units to establish a solid defense against the onslaught of the enemy. At the same time, you need to build and strengthen your island to become more and more rich and modern. Build, fight and upgrade non-stop, that’s what you need to do. You can compete with friends in real-time battles or against AI depending on your level. This game always has room for amateurs to professional strategists.

Download Battle Islands – Large-scale strategic military war

If you are a war theme lover, Battle Islands will satisfy you. The game is set in 1942 when the war is raging in the South Pacific region. You will be the commander of a platoon occupying an island. Your mission is to fend off attacks from the enemy on many fronts and at the same time strengthen your army to master the vast sea. In this context, you have to be a wise strategist. You don’t need to learn any fighting skills, instead, use your head to challenge your opponents. The strategic battles taking place on a grand scale will keep you hooked for hours.


Build and strengthen the army

In the isolated situation on the islands, your army must fend off active attacks from many enemies. If you want to survive and gain power, you need to focus on growing internally. Let’s start building the smallest facilities, then many large structures such as factories, soldiers’ stations, turrets, cannons, and more. The factory will operate continuously to make weapons and produce resources. While the soldier stations will be the training ground for the army, the turrets and cannons are solid defensive barriers. Each building has its own function, but by combining them together, you will promote progress and wealth. From a small unspoiled island to a top strategic military base, that’s your goal.

Not just an island, you can expand your base to neighboring islands. Your job is to grow and expand non-stop to strengthen your strength, ready for invasion or raid from the enemy. Besides, with the increasing military strength, you gradually become an active player in the war. Do not hesitate to send your troops to many other islands, capture enemy military bases and monopolize their resources. With the resources collected, you will have the opportunity to boost your military power. Recruit and upgrade more units such as jeeps, tanks, boats, planes… These are the necessary units for your defense and attack plan.


Join real-time wars

Battle Islands allows real gamers to compete against each other in PvP battles. It’s great that you can be part of the community of great military strategists here, isn’t it? Do your best to fight the enemy and gain control of the vast seas. Winning will bring you great rewards including resources, bonuses, and ranking points. Besides, you will improve more and more to have the opportunity to confront the top strategists on the leaderboard. The increasingly attractive and exciting military battles will make you unable to stop.

Besides, the game has many weekly missions and challenges for you to explore and hunt for rewards. You can also bond with your friends, form Alliances, and strategize together through real-time chat. Alliances also feature super large-scale wars in many limited-time events. Keep upgrading to keep up with your friends and bring your army beyond the confines of the islands. Each battle is a place for you to show your strategic talent.


Realistic design, large context

With content inspired by the second world war, this game highlights the scene of war on a large scale on land, at sea, and in the air. The theme of war is clarified by images of military units, and combat vehicles from tanks to drones. Besides, the island war scene is always bustling with effects and sounds from ships, planes, cannons, and more. Thanks to that, you can feel the heat of real military battles.


Don’t miss the Battle Islands because it is the perfect strategy game. Come here and show your leadership talent in the large-scale island war. You can combine and fully control combat units from humans to vehicles according to your plan. Moreover, you decide the strategy of developing military bases, can form alliances, and participate in major campaigns.

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