Ball Prison – Escape AdventureMOD APK 0.6.0 ( God mode, No ads )
Ball Prison – Escape AdventureMOD APK 0.6.0 ( God mode, No ads )

Ball Prison – Escape AdventureMOD APK 0.6.0 ( God mode, No ads )

By TT - June 23, 2023 (5 months ago)
Name Ball Prison - Escape Adventure
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher MGIF
Size 58MB
Latest Version 0.6.0
MOD Features God mode, No ads
Category Casual
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Price FREE
Update June 23, 2023 (5 months ago )

Ball Prison – Escape Adventure is a cool 2D platformer game that you should try now. It will take you on a super addictive prison escape journey with the prisoner ball. Your task is very predictable, that is to help the ball overcome the challenges to escape the prison. Your challenge is thorn traps and obnoxious sentinels. But you just have to jump over them to ignore the danger. Don’t forget to help other balls along the way. In particular, you need to collect coins and stars to unlock special gifts. There is nothing to stop you when you have it in hand auxiliary items. Moreover, if you want something new, exchange money for skins.

Download Ball Prison – Escape Adventure – Prison escape of the ball

This game is remade based on inspiration from the cult prison escape movies. But to reach many players, it is designed in a funny cartoon style. The main character of the game is a ball. In its world, it is a prisoner. Now, it wants to go beyond the iron frame to find freedom again. Of course, you will not be left out in this mission. You will help the ball overcome the craziest obstacles. Also, collect loot to fill your account. Now it’s time to test your talent in parkour platformer levels.


Explore thousands of levels

According to the game’s publisher, there are more than 1000 levels available that you can unlock. You will have to pass each level to discover new levels and new challenges. At each level, your task is to move to the finish line. It was the end of a prison room. To get to this point, you have to go through many unpleasant challenges. It can be a wooden fence, a wheel of spikes, hanging wood, a trash can, and a variety of sentinel robots (spiders, bats, and more). And to overcome them, you need to flexibly use the arrows on the screen. There are 3 arrows: the left and right arrow to move, and the up arrow to jump. Use them flexibly to conquer the traps that come your way.


Some tips to play well

When you understand the rules of the game, it is not certain that you have played this game well. To conquer thousands of levels, you should accumulate your own tips. The following tips can help you play better and conquer many interesting challenges.

Pay attention to the requirements of each level: Not all levels are the same. On some levels, you just need to collect gold coins and enough 3 stars to complete the mission. However, on some other levels, you need to rescue enough prisoners. So you need to pay attention to the requirements of the game to save time. Moreover, on difficult levels, you can hardly conquer all the benefits along the way.

Take advantage of obstacles: Not everything in Ball Prison – Escape Adventure is a nasty obstacle. You can take advantage of some useful things to play better. For example, you can push the trash can to a high wall and jump on it to jump over the wall. Or you can push the lever to move an obstacle.

Watch how the guards work: Guards are the most annoying thing in your prison. They come in many varieties, but each works according to a certain principle. For example, sentinel spiders can swing or walk. You just have to wait for them to climb up or jump over their heads to pass. As for bat guards, they will drop bombs after a few seconds. You just need to wait through this period to run through easily. If you destroy them, you will get a higher score.

Collect support items: The most common item is the key. You should not ignore them because sometimes, you will need them to open a locked door.


Unlock skins

Do you want to refresh your experience? If so, visit the store often to unlock new skins. There are dozens of different skins to customize your prisoner ball. It can be a joker face or faces with many different expressions and skin colors. To own them, you need to spend gold coins or stars. You can also choose to watch ads to unlock some of your favorite skins. Besides, the game will give you certain skins after a number of levels. Try out new skins in your exciting prison escape journey.


Simple pictures, playful music

Everything in this game is designed quite simply. The main character of the game is a round ball with a variety of funny expressions. Besides, the prison escape levels are designed on the classic 2D platform. You will see everything displayed visually and dynamically changing according to the movement of the ball. In addition, you will play in the background with fun and relaxing music. It will keep you happy during your trip.

Do not hesitate to download Ball Prison – Escape Adventure to your phone. This game will keep you happy all day with thousands of addictive levels. Try to test your agility in the prison escape journey here. Roll, jump, run, and act your way to victory.

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