Ball Bounce: Escape Quest MOD APK 0.3.1 (Menu, Immortality, Game Speed)
Ball Bounce: Escape Quest MOD APK 0.3.1 (Menu, Immortality, Game Speed)

Ball Bounce: Escape Quest MOD APK 0.3.1 (Menu, Immortality, Game Speed)

By HN - November 29, 2023 (4 hours ago)
Name Ball Bounce: Escape Quest
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Fanmob Studio
Size 71MB
Latest Version 0.3.1
MOD Features Menu, Immortality, Game Speed
Category Arcade
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Price FREE
Update November 29, 2023 (4 hours ago )

Ball Bounce: Escape Quest is a version in the Ball Bounce game series. Designed gameplay similar to other versions. The content revolves around the adventure of the Ball ball. With a diverse mission system, taking place according to levels. In particular, the HD graphics are designed to be extremely impressive. Recreate a realistic and lively environment. Along with that, it is impossible not to mention the control mechanism. Built in the form of arrows, making it easy to control Ball during movement. Not stopping there, Ball’s shape is very unique. Engraved with eyes and mouthparts on the face. At the same time, the expression will be changed according to each activity taking place. Along with that, you will have the opportunity to explore many different types of Balls. Shown by the difference in appearance.

Download Ball Bounce: Escape Quest – Accompany Ball in Challenging Adventure

Hundreds of different levels of play take place in the game Ball Bounce: Escape Quest. Each level opens up an adventure in complex terrain. Your task is to control the Ball to overcome the obstacles. Conquer tough challenges. Defeat other roadblocks like the police,… Safely proceed to the end of the path to enter the gate. From there will complete the task to receive the reward. The reward you get will be based on the number of gold coins collected during the move. Then can continue the adventure to a new level. The difficulty also increases from there, making the task even more difficult. Will face a larger number of enemies than before. The distance traveled is longer, and the terrain is also changed.Ball Bounce- Escape Quest

Diverse missions collect coins

Play through the levels of Ball Bounce: Escape Quest. You will have to perform a lot of different jobs. The game offers a diverse mission system. Each level will be given a separate task by the system, which needs to be completed. Typically, collect a golden star at any location on the map. Or rescue teammates who are being held by a solid iron cage. Complete each assigned task in turn. Conquer the levels in ascending order. From there you will accumulate a large number of gold coins. They appear throughout the adventures, scattered on the road. Moreover, through watching promotional videos to receive bonuses. Or play the wheel of fortune that happens every day. Have the opportunity to accumulate large amounts of money to use in trading activities.Game Ball Bounce- Escape Quest

Collect stamp knives, which can revive

In addition to collecting gold coins in the game levels of Ball Bounce: Escape Quest. Don’t miss the stamp knives. They appear randomly at a number of different levels. Collect in turn to accumulate 3 stamp knives. You will be provided with a lot of gift boxes by the system. The number of stamp knives earned can be used to open 3 gift boxes. There is a chance to get a large number of gold coins. Even will receive hearts to increase life. In the course of the adventure. If you accidentally collide with an enemy or lose your life. The heart will help you revive to continue the quest. This will save time. However, life is limited, after many deaths. At the same time, the mission has not been completed, will have to play that level again.

Intuitive control system

Relying on the intuitively designed Ball Bounce: Escape Quest ‘s control interface. Helps you easily control the movement of the Ball ball. As introduced earlier, the control system is designed in the form of arrow keys. Corresponds to the actions that the Ball can perform. Includes jumping to overcome obstacles and complex terrain. Combine the left and right arrows to move forward or backward. Depends on the situation. You need to improve your skills to use it flexibly. Enhance personal control to help the Ball overcome all challenges. From there it is possible to complete tasks at all levels, achieving excellent results.Tai Ball Bounce- Escape Quest

Graphics of Ball Bounce: Escape Quest is designed on an HD platform. Impress every player as soon as they join. Shown in sharp image quality. Recreate the surroundings in the levels. Combine the unique shape of the Ball ball. Mixed expressions are changed when interacting with surrounding objects. Along with that, to have a more enjoyable experience. Sound is indispensable. With a vibrant sound system, and funny background music. Changed flexibly to suit each Ball’s activities. For example when rolling to move and jumping to attack. The sound will be changed differently, in accordance with the situation.

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